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The VIP's from other countries mentioned in yesterdays update did arrive last night as anticipated and included the Queen all of whom are here to deal with OBAMA.
He was using a dual set of books in Treasury and "ghost accounts" to hide the huge amounts embezzled from Treasury. Obviously Geithner is involved. The arriving World Leaders have been "stunned" by the amounts involved and "shocked" by the amount of lies they have been told. PELOSI and other D.C. and CHICAGO POLITICIANS are involved as well as the OBAMA's and JARRETT.
Since the Queen continues to refer to us and those in D.C. as her "subjects" it is being suggested to her this morning that all the D.C. Criminals be hung on the walls of the Tower of London where the "tourist dollars" will quickly solve England's Economic problems.
Maintain your faith friends.
                    casper   10-8-09   #1