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It's mid-afternoon Wednesday and WE don't know where the packs are right now or where they went after leaving the Embassy last night. On the subject of the Embassy, WE hear JAPAN has recalled all Embassy Personel involved in last nights attempt to sequester the packs there.
WE hear many many countries have learned that all their phones have been "tapped" by U.S. Intell Agencies (NSA,CIA) etc. and they are very upset about it.
WE hear VIP's are arriving tonight from Europe, something to do with us, to vague to report details-yet.
Geithner has been in Germany trying to beg, borrow or steal money on instructions of Obama who remains broke. He was told---NO.
Many on-going references to OBAMA as a "snake oil salesman". "No promise ever kept", "no borrowed funds ever repaid". He refers to all borrowed funds as "gifts" to him.
A very very important person in CHINA has demanded their payment (legal) by tomorrow in Gold Certificates.
 Please, REMAIN POSITIVE. The bad guys are being overcome.
                   casper  10-07-09   #2