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Returning the "trigger" packs to D.C. last night was a joint operation of Bush Senior, Clinton and Obama with the others doing their bidding.
The "world" reacted quickly with the packs being retrieved from the Japanese Embassy and Homeland Security at 12:15 a.m. and they are again on the move toward us.
Before midnight the phones in the Whitehouse were ringing off the hook with calls from around the world as a result of last nights update. "They" didn't realize WE knew where the packs were and they had "other plans" for them and for today's excuse making.
HLS has been "caught" in still another illegal act.
This morning OBAMA is pulling his hair out, JARRETT wants to know what is going to happen to her and MICHELLE is going nuts as her name is on the Chicago Real Estate commitments.
As WE have reported so many times these are the packs which "trigger" other things including announcements that's why the intensity surrounding them.  Other program packs will follow these deliveries promptly.
                  casper   10-7-09   #1  a.m.