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For this one you should be sitting down. Please be seated.
First back then forward.
Remember the big money from Lee in  China through Russia for Obama -with Russia playing middleman- in return for Obama dropping the missile shield? Recall the funds never made it ? That was done to "set up" Russia.
Obama dropping the missile shield "set up" Obama.
Packs then went to the Japanese Embassy where Japan and China Hackers tried to break into our accounts? That "set up" Japan and Red China.
Then Brussels came in to "get the deliveries done"? Obama told them we recipients had signed all accounts over to him. Actually they were trying to break into the accounts together and Obama had tricked them into believing they could so Brussels was "set up" in the process.
Then the World Court big-wig comes over "to get deliveries out"? He was corrupt.
Then someone much higher was sent from the World Court "to deal with" the first one and "get the packs out"? Both were working for Senior and had been for years. The first one was "caught" a week ago, the second one was "caught" today and is presently ratting out other allies of Senior.
Senior was working with Red China, the Japan and Russian Mafia's to get their hands on the packs and the funds, the others were pawns of these. The pawns have been captured and are being dealt with.
Senior is now "on the run" but first his allies dropped the word in certain places saying he was "no longer with us" expecting us to report same and provide him with cover while he skedaddled. WE didn't fall for it.
We program participants have been used as guinea pigs through all of this as it was necessary for the packs to go out again and again to "smoke 'em out" so to speak and to identify each and every one involved in stopping deliveries over and over again. All have been "caught".
Meanwhile, unknown to OBAMA, the Olympic Committee never had any intention of awarding the games to Chicago, they intended to accept the massive bribe Obama had promised and then to "stiff" him.  Now Treasury has demanded the immediate return of all the stolen money used by Obama, Michelle and Valerie Jarrett to tie up Chicago Real Estate. They can't pay, its tied up in slum property adjoining the proposed Olympic Site.
He can't get the Chinese Mafia money in from Russia in return for canceling the Missile Shield;
He can't get the funds from the Auctions for the last three weeks including yesterday as they are blocked;
He can't get the funds from Red China which have been blocked several days in a row.
He is broke. And "Busted". As are all the others.
The packs are moving again now, WE anticipate deliveries tomorrow.
                    casper  10-6-09