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The battle to stop deliveries was especially intense Saturday and Saturday night and included more threats to those attempting to get deliveries done. Late Saturday word came that obstacles to Saturday's delivery had been dealt with and we were back on go for Sunday.
The packs did go out for Sunday delivery but were back in D.C. early this morning. Those who report "no problems" all "lights are green" have been saying exactly that week in and week out for months apparently oblivious to the difficulty encountered in overcoming the opposition led by OBAMA.
While WE often receive confirmation of our reporting from overseas, after the fact, it is unusual to receive domestic confirmation due to the constant flow of dis-information originating from the Whitehouse and the domestic intell agencies.  Last week however we were gratified to receive additional confirmations domestically confirming our reporting of constant movement of the packages in and out of D.C.. It is a legitimate tug-o-war as delivery triggers a row of dominoes. The never ending interference, interception and sabotage are acts of desperation by the Octopus attempting to save itself from the beginning of the end. No matter which puppet is used at any given moment it is always traceable to OBAMA. For the past week Red China has been his primary helpmate as their attempts to provide him with new capital have been blocked over and over again.
The good guys then react, overcome the problem of the moment, then the packs move again which is the situation again this morning. Obama was in Emergency Meetings in the White House yesterday and Emergency Cabinet meetings this morning.
             casper   10-5-09