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WE hear that Valerie Jarrett, acting as a front for the OBAMA'S, ACORN, etc. had committed to buy several hundred million dollars of property next to the "Chicago Olympic Site", not just the 86M previously reported. OBAMA had reportedly promised the Olympic Committee a huge bribe. When he arrived empty handed having failed to access our accounts they immediately threw out Chicago. Do you remember our previous reporting that he had taken huge sums from Treasury and deposited it into his personal accounts? WE now hear that was the source of funds for the Chicago commitments. A Criminal Enterprise has been in complete control of Washington D.C. supported by members of both parties and covered up by a bought and paid for media.
Regarding the anonymous e-mail saying CHINA provided OBAMA operating expenses for October our Intel says that attempt was made but blocked, the funds did not arrive. No money into the U.S. until our packages are delivered and announcements made.
For the second consecutive week WE hear the funds purportedly raised at Auction this week didn't arrive either.
WE continue to hear OBAMA will not survive the coming disclosures.
Until the moment we await arrives "they" continue their "everything is on the mend" televised cartoon and pretend the future belongs to the Fed Res, The Corporation and the Status Quo. They fool less people every day.
 The packs move to and fro everyday and did so again last night and this morning. They are back in D.C. this morning.
It is OBAMA every time using first one method then another to stop deliveries, announcements, etc. etc..
The "players" are still at WAR and we are still the hostages.
The "new" means "death" to the "old" so "the laws" mean nothing to them.
More when possible,
                       casper   10-3-09