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 WOW......A Federal District Judge in New Jersey has issued a
              Preliminary Injunction to stop mandatory Swine Flu
              Vaccinations. The Gov't. will likely have a COMPANY 
              OWNED Appeals Court Judge reverse the ruling 
              UNLESS we are about to have the announcements 
              (return to the Constitution).
Did you catch the announcement last week that AIG will likely be unable to repay the 180B++ of taxpayer funds provided them by the Politicians working for the money trust? Recall that AIG in turn passed the funds to Goldman Sachs (15B) and others. Not to worry, you (we) are still the proud owners of 80% of AIG and as such we are participants in the ongoing payments of massive bonuses and "pass-throughs" of taxpayer funds to favored friends of Ben and Tiny Tim.
Poor Ken Lewis, having paid 3.2 Billion taxpayer dollars to Executives of bankrupt Merrill Lynch he now gets thrown under the bus. How much of that stolen taxpayer money do you suppose is waiting for him after he leaves B.ofA. in December?
Six of nine current Supreme Court Judges are Roman Catholic. The Vatican continues to swing a big stick in Washington.
The new Gov't in Japan calls for a regional Asian Currency and tells U.S. Military to prepare to leave. Plans underway to "retreat" to GUAM. Is this new Gov't. a Bilderberg puppet? ( yes). SUMMERS, OBAMA'S chief financial advisor, certainly is.
After the partial payment of "Tax Receipts" had been frozen and recaptured OBAMA continued to tell allies he still had that money. Lying to his own people.
Did you hear about the latest Chicago/Obama/Vallerie Jarrett/Acorn/Olympic Games Scam? It seems Obama's WIFE and Senior Whitehouse Advisor and Assistant to the President Vallerie Jarrett managed to buy up 86M $$ of slumlord land adjacent to the proposed site for the Chicago Olympics. "Just a coincidence" say the kool-aid drinkers. Acorn also involved.
Are you aware that Asian and Middle Eastern Countries have ordered their Gold, at least what remains of it, pulled out of New York and London?
The "Debt Ceiling", as dictated by Congress, has been raised to more than 12T.
The TARP watchdog says this particular 800B stolen from taxpayers  "not likely to be repaid".
Obama couldn't bring himself to speak out on behalf of the Freedom Protesters in IRAN who are now in prison, can't find the courage to back his own General or our troops on the ground in Afghanistan, but now talks tough about sanctions on IRAN. They must be laughing their butts off over there. Israel is not laughing.
MOPE says Sinclair, "Management of Perspective Economics". WE have another name for the outright lies and subterfuge flowing daily from the mouths of every Administration Official----BULLS-----.The derivatives and bad loans are held "off books" by fraudulent accounting practices. They have gone no where.
The "recovery", says Analyst David Roche, will not be "L" shaped or "W" shaped but "TOILET SHAPED".
MICHELLE says she has "sacrificed greatly" to go to Denmark to hustle the Olympics in her taxpayer provided 757 aircraft with OPRAH and the kids.  It's a tough life with only twenty something assistants.
                      casper   10-1-09  #2