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After Sundays fifth and final update the never ending OBAMA problems continued and the packs were back in the Pentagon Monday.
"Help" arrived from overseas including, if not led by, BRUSSELS. A terrific fight in D.C. was reported throughout the day yesterday and last night with piece-meal reports of threats flying in every direction throughout the day and evening. The upshot of it was OBAMA continuing to insist that he is GOD and THE RULER OF THE WORLD and all others will do as he instructs. The response was that the packs would be retrieved, would go out for delivery again and if he interfered again he would be arrested for Treason. WE therefore expected delivery today.
This morning WE learned that a portion of the tax receipts due the U.S. had somehow been released to him which might explain his repetitious "I AM GOD" routine. These funds have now been frozen and retrieved and locked down. 
This afternoon WE hear that OBAMA has managed to BRIBE BRUSSELS with more of his "if come" promises. This was apparently what the "fight" was about, a negotiation rather than a fight. The deal is that he gets whatever amount they have agreed necessary to solve his problems and BRUSSELS GETS THE REMAINDER of our funds. Both now say the packs will stay put and never be delivered and will rot where they are. 
All funds are in "lockdown" and neither OBAMA or BRUSSELS can get at them. 
WE now await the worlds reaction to these latest scams. 
                     casper  9-29-09
These things always have a way of working themselves out.