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casper 9-27-09 #3
Homeland Security is once again threatening to arrest any carrier/cpurier that touches the packs or any person who receives a pack. The Military is again saying we will never receive our packs and that they will help enforce the HLS threats.
We are up against the entire Federal (Corporate) Government all of whom are following OBAMA'S orders.
This also includes regular law enforcement.
It's a Hell-of-a-Day in America when the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels leading the U.S. Military support a criminal enterprise in keeping American Citizens rightful property away from them.
Every man and woman who ever died for our country must be spinning in their graves.
Our side does not possess military weaponry or illegal orders from an unconstitutional President.
Our side is not backing down.
                    casper   9-27-09   #3