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Obama continued all day trying to break into our accounts using Pentagon and CIA Hackers, all of whom he now says he has fired due to their failure to do so.
They had assured him they would succeed so he had played The Godfather --"I am God" role with the U.N. and the G-20 promising Trillions for everyone (our money) which he now can not deliver.
The demands of Africa for 7.7T as delivered by Quddafi in his U.N. speech yesterday was just one slice of the pie he had promised.
To say that he has egg on his face with every country in both venues would be the understatement of the year.
He is furious of course and embarrassed beyond words.
He is Broke.
Flat Broke.
He is a pauper and still pretending to be The Godfather, passing out other peoples money like Santa Claus.  There is still ZERO MONEY in Treasury.
The money supposedly raised via this weeks auctions, 112B total, as I recall, has not arrived either and will not arrive.
The G-20 says "they don't want him there, he is not Welcome and they will not conduct business while he is present
To show you how stupid this man is,insane might be more accurate, when he could not deliver on his dozens of promises using our funds he then tried to get the other countries to loan him money using our accounts as collateral.  HE told them they could go ahead and access the accounts.  By this time of course they realized his own "best in the world hackers" had failed to do so causing himself to look like the Village Idiot, while treating them as if they were the Village Idiots.
The delay this afternoon was / is temporary and caused by a second World Court Judge, this one from China, interfering with the Couriers.
Remember, there are Good and Bad Chinese.         Barring unforeseen overnight problems ...expect delivery tomorrow.
Remember friends, it is the corrupt Corporation and it's current crop of criminals who usurped  our country and it's Constitution and a privately owned Illuminati Banking cartel which are being brought to heel, NOT YOUR COUNTRY.
Hang tough a little while longer and let's all try to get our Kool-Aid drinking friends to stop long enough to see what is happening.
Casper, Wendy and WE      09-24-09     #2
PS:    Have you heard about " today's" political Obamanation?  Republicans proposed, and Democrats agreed to a Bill giving Congress oversight and funding control of Obamas Czars. The Democrats get a call from the Whitehouse, Obama says "NO", then the Democrats vote it down. 
A Communist Dictatorship being speeded up daily with the Democrats acquiescence.
Welcome to Germany 1938.