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They have clamped down hard in D.C. telling all employees "if you say anything to anyone at anytime about anything you are gone". Immediate termination.
While awaiting additional "hard news" lets call this update an OBSERVATION PIECE instead of an opinion piece.
Have you heard todays news that the Obama Administration has slapped a GAG ORDER on a national health care provider that was telling its patients they would lose some benefits under Obamacare?
Have you heard Obama is trying to block Congressional testimony by McClaskey, Obama's own General in Afghanistan? He asked for 40,000 additional troops. Obama is about to weasel on his own General and the troops in the field. After deserting the Check's and Poles he is about to desert Afghanistan.
Did you hear Qaddafi refer to Obama as his son five or six times in his U.N. speech today?
He dropped the defensive (Iran) missile shield for Russia's help moving 5T from the Chinese Mafia.
Today the Democrats voted down a Republican proposal that the members have three days to review the final legislation before voting on the Gov't takeover of healthcare. Then they voted down a three day period for the neutral CBO to estimate the cost of the final legislation.
Obama/Pelosi are pushing for "mandatory health insurance" which will cost each family hundreds of dollars monthly. Why? So they can "securitize" the income stream and create trillions more in derivatives.
Same thing with "Cap and Trade". Another financial scam created for Wall Street "Traders" and the Al Gore International Taxation crowd. It is also the biggest domestic tax increase in American history. Remember his promise? Ninety five percent get a tax cut? Not if you use electricity.
No loss of Medicare Benefits says Obama. Not so says CBO, 100 Billion cost in Medicare benefits over ten years.
Twice he was asked and twice he refused to commit to de-funding ACORN on ABC last Sunday. They have been indicted in fourteen states, still he supports them.
He still refuses to produce the most basic documents such as his birth certificate. A Kenyan Certificate has been filed in one of the court cases with his purported footprint and an affidavit which if untrue would expose the filer to perjury charges and jail time. Always remember his Grandmother, the one isolated in Hawaii the last few months of her life, once made a televised statement that she was present at his birth in Kenya. That Granny, will get you isolated.
He is fighting delivery, announcements, the Constitution and honest banking to his last breath.
He is fighting for the Corporation, his Illuminati Employers and preservation of the Federal Reserve.
He has funded the most corrupt banks trillions then charged it to taxpayers.
He threw allies overboard to partner with Putin to stop deliveries.
He has offered Imminent Domain of the U.S. and top secret Military Technology to China in return for debt relief.
He is overruling seven previous CIA Directors plus his own to continue to pursue the "Interrogation Issue". Tea and crumpets for terrorist, that's the trick.
He has stolen our funds many times, used them as collateral in trades many times, and moved the peoples funds in Treasury to his personal accounts many times.
He is the worlds very best liar. He lies constantly and does it with conviction. He says one thing while simultaneously doing the opposite.
He is the leader of the West's defense of the Fiat Monetary Systems and all the Fraudulent Financial Paper it produced which runs into the hundreds of trillions if not quads as some say.
He has surrounded himself with Czar's to run the country in keeping with his and their extremist vision not according to the Constitution. He is by-passing Congress and the "checks and balances" foundations of our Government. Some are avowed Communist.
His allies and now he himself shouts "racist" at all who disagree with him.
He and his Administration have "partnered up" with the Illuminati owned Federal Reserve to such an extent there is no difference between them. His Government is owned and run by the Money Trust.
They/he are monetizing the debt using third parties. Why should you care? Because the outcome is abject poverty for the American people, never mind what it does to those who financed us and traded real goods and services for paper now intentionally made worthless.
He is suppressing the truth not only about his own activities but the entire Corporation of Criminals in D.C. even to the point of bribing the networks. Even to the point of death threats they say.
This is not everything, not by a long shot.  OBSERVE.  You need not be a rocket scientist to observe these things.
Something is going on behind the scenes and has been since yesterday, that's why the big "clampdown". WE don't know what it is-yet.
Do you believe the funding is for good? Do you believe the current system is bad? Do you believe good defeats evil?
Maintain your faith,
             casper   9-23-09  #2