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 Early morning news says the Supreme Court did issue the rulings as described in last nights update and this morning are getting cold feet regarding the announcements.
The World Court says "you will make the announcements or you too will be charged"? The S.C. says that's the pot (W.C.) calling the kettle (S.C.) black. The W.C. says "its true we accepted bribes but we have never embezzled funds from the people".
Meanwhile OBAMA says to the S.C. the black people of America will not stand for him being removed from office.
The S.C. responds "this has nothing to do with race but TREASON, embezzlement and corruption.
The Supreme Court is saying the World Court will back down.
The Countries in Europe are saying to the World Court "YOU WILL ENFORCE YOUR RULINGS".
This is where things stand this morning, more when possible.
                 Casper   9-22-09