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The packs did not leave D.C. as ordered. OBAMA simply had them moved from one place to another in the Pentagon.
The fur has been flying all day partially as a result of our last two updates. In D.C, in Europe and in China. LEE is trying to blame everything on his "assistant". The world is having a big horse laugh over that one. PUTIN is squirming big time, trying to explain Russia's betrayal of the rest of the world. Obama is in another rage screaming at White House personnel that "what happens in Vegas (White House) stays in Vegas. He can't figure out who is ratting him out. He apparently thinks he is the only one who knows how to bribe people. In summary, the rats in the sack are chewing on each other.
The confrontation is continuing with Obama and China the major players and Russia put in her place after the 5T was confiscated. It was suggested to Obama that he should be forthcoming with his resignation papers if he wishes to avoid charges of TREASON. "You can't charge me" says he, "besides, the House and the Senate will never go along with it because they are just as guilty as I am". He continues to insist the funds he moved out of Treasury (see previous updates) was his to do with as he pleased as he is "the ruler of this country".
Friends, Romans, Countrymen lend me your ear. If you knew one tenth of what this man has done and what he has said and continues to say you would rise up tonight and demand he be committed to a Mental Institution before daybreak. It is that bad.
Much of what he has done will be exposed with the announcements. His actions REQUIRE consequences.
WE anticipate deliveries tomorrow and suggest you should too.
                  casper   9-19-09  #3