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Overnight OBAMA has again reneged on his agreements and ordered the packs held in D.C.. The Military has double crossed the world as well and followed his orders again.
OBAMA'S is demanding all funds be returned to Treasury, the tax receipts be turned over to him personally and is continuing to take the position CHINA is bluffing and saying they will return the funds by Monday morning and he is going to show them "who rules the world".
He continues to tell his allies he will have vast resources next week, proposed source of funds unknown.
CHINA says this is a fight he can not win and continues to order deliveries today.
There are more moves of the Chess Pieces than WE can report here.
This appears to us a creditor/debtor showdown with the creditor holding all the aces as well as World Court backing.
It is interesting is it not, that OBAMA and the CORPORATION are struggling to stop deliveries, announcements, honest banking, the Constitution and exposures while the creditors and the world struggle to return these things to the American people?
The stakes are extremely high and most if not all chips are in the pot.
Along with you WE await the outcome.
                     casper   9-20-09
p.s. OBAMA is also stating there will never be any announcements and there will be no return to the Constitution.