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The packs had been positioned for delivery yesterday then delayed until today due to ongoing blockage by OBAMA. The Military again had responsibility for delivering the trigger packs but returned them to D.C. today on OBAMA'S orders.
CHINA had notified the Military AND Obama of pending action, drastic action, if deliveries did not occur by tonight.
When the packs were returned to D.C. CHINA didn't wait until the scheduled midnight deadline but proceeded to immediately withdraw all funds from Treasury leaving it stripped bare to the last dime.
CHINA has been funding the U.S. Military payroll and Social Security for the past year per agreement expiring the end of this month. Three weeks ago China published in newspapers in the U.S. notification they would not continue this arrangement beyond this month. Having had all funds withdrawn from Treasury today OBAMA could no longer meet payrolls or Social Security payments.
Once China learned the packs had been returned to D.C. they proceeded as they said they would with the withdrawals and additional actions not discussed here. The Military finally got the message and said they would deliver tomorrow in spite of Obama. Meanwhile Obama took the position they were bluffing and would return the funds by Monday morning and they would not follow through with other scheduled events of a financial nature.
Eventually Obama also got the message and suddenly wanted to make a deal. He demanded that all funds be returned to Treasury, including the F&P funds which were also withdrawn, and that he be given all tax receipts related to our funding immediately. China responded by telling him no, no and hell no, that the tax receipts will be used to continue funding the military and social security only and that he will not receive any other money at all.
Tonight OBAMA is telling all of D.C. that he won, that next week he will have all the money in the world and is doing all possible to maintain the FARCE that he is still Mr High and Mighty. It's a LIE. "YOU LIE" OBAMA. Again. He had his head handed to him on a platter. He was stripped naked and left in his underwear. Arrogance, ego and narcissism run amuck.
Today OBAMA risked an overnight financial meltdown of the U.S. far worse than September of last year. Every conceivable effort had been made by our largest creditor to avoid an outcome to frightening for words. Obama continued playing games no doubt under the tutelage of CLINTON and BUSH. By noon Monday we would have been a third world country.
Attention Washington D.C., you airheads in the White House and all those on the receiving end of his never ending promises and lies. He didn't win anything. He has no money coming next week, none at all. Not even the tax receipts as he can't be trusted to handle those funds either.
CHINA says announcements will be tomorrow night after deliveries tomorrow.
OBAMA says no, no way, not allowed (announcements that is-he has said himself deliveries will be tomorrow as he had no choice once the Military informed him of their decision).
We shall see who wins tomorrows showdown.
              casper   9-19-09