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The ABC story du jour for the last 48 hours centers around various releases supposedly given and arrest. Lots of arrest. Big names such as BUSH SENIOR, KEN LEWIS, GEITHNER, eight at HLS, JOHN ROBERTS and four others, additional B.of A. executives, etc.. Having worked on this overnight Thursday it is our opinion it did not happen, that it was a diversion to cover what was actually going on.
RUSSIA, WE hear, has been instrumental in blocking deliveries yesterday and today and in one way or another DR. LEE continued to be involved. LEE, OBAMA and RUSSIA sabotaged deliveries. In return, OBAMA dropped the defensive missile shield in Europe sending our European "Allies" such as  Czechoslovakia and Poland into such a rage they would not even accept calls today from Hillary Clinton. This was OBAMA'S payoff to RUSSIA for its assistance in blocking deliveries. Yet to be determined is whether RUSSIA will now withdraw their demands for a new and different World Reserve Currency and join OBAMA in his fight to preserve the Federal Reserve. You are aware of course that OBAMA has announced BERNAKE's reappointment five months in advance of the need to do so and his demands that CONGRESS dramatically increase the FED'S powers by giving them regulatory control of all financial institutions in the United States, not just Fed Res Banks. Any remaining questions as to who OBAMA works for? RUSSIA also immediately dropped a twenty something billion lawsuit against MELLON BANK/NEW YORK and settled for legal fees of 14M.
OBAMA'S announcement today occurred on the 70th anniversary of Russia's invasion of POLAND, an additional slap in the face to our "allies". PUTIN likely demanded the public announcement immediately if he was to block deliveries immediately. The corruption and the TREASON of our current PRESIDENT exceeds anything gone before in American History and that includes Woodrow Wilson who gave us the Fed Res in 1913.  
Dr. TSAI CHENG LEE, a name that will live in infamy for all eternity in CHINESE AND AMERICAN HISTORY made a deal with OBAMA for Trillions of $$ in return for his efforts to steal all the funds from all the programs for OBAMA and the CORPORATION. He was caught and, WE hear, is being dealt with severely in CHINA right now.
WE are hearing rumors from CHINA and D.C. that CHINA has today informed "The Ruler Of The World" that after this month they will no longer fund U.S. Social Security Payments as they have been doing for some time. The reason, says CHINA, WE hear, is because OBAMA has unnecessarily devastated our country financially.
CHINA, the good ones, are dealing with LEE, RUSSIA and OBAMA now. WE expect the packs which were still in D.C. mid day to move now subject to whatever the TREASONOUS SNAKES in D.C. may do overnight.
OBAMA has been on television every day this week, will be on the Sunday news programs and Letterman Monday night.
>>>BEHOLD<<< the greatest TRAITOR this nation has ever known.
                     casper   9-18-09
p.s. WE hear provision has been made under the NEW for Social Security Recipients.
p.p.s. The latest thefts far exceeded the 15B mentioned in STORY'S latest update. All has been recovered.