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Recent sabotage and resulting delays were again caused by OBAMA. He continues to insist all money belongs to him and the CORPORATION and he "will get it one way or another".
Dr. Lee, head of the new Global Banking System and not to be confused with Dr. Li and/or Ying exposed in previous reports, was recently bribed by OBAMA with "if come" money meaning "when I get my hands on the peoples money I will kick back enormous participation to you".
LEE is the head honcho over there, controls account codes and the ordering of packs in and out, back and forth as experienced the last couple of weeks. He went for OBAMAS deal and attempted to download our funds to the CORPORATION/OBAMA. Unknown to him his recent sabotage of deliveries had raised suspicions and additional "locks" had been placed on the accounts. When he tried unsuccessfully to download the funds to OBAMA he was caught red handed.
The world reacted over the weekend when the Courts in 57 Countries plus the World Court were involved in removing "control" from Lee and ordering deliveries out immediately. This brings us to our current status of expecting delivers immediately, however ..........................................
This day begins with multiple reports of OBAMA once again trying overnight, in every conceivable way, to interfere. He wants our names, how much we each have coming and is demanding as much as 65% taxation on top of taxes already prepaid (escrow) per previous agreements. He is scheduled on "Meet the Press" and "Stephanopolis" next weekend, venues not normal for sitting Presidents, subject matter unknown-yet.
He has not stopped or even slowed his attempts to sabotage and/or steal.
He was warned, WE are advised, not to interfere again by the Courts mentioned above but he is doing exactly that-again.
WE don't yet know the outcome of his overnight effort or whether he has managed to delay deliveries again.
WE hope ringing doorbells will answer this question but doorbells not ringing will also answer this question.
                   casper   9-16-09   #1