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"The World According to Casper."
This is an opinion piece and little more written today in response to weekend developments.
The OBAMA Administration policies of "double down" to defend and save the existing Western Fiat Systems of "borrow and spend" finance are being doubled down yet again on a higher level by the Illuminati's 55 Central Banks led by the BIS.  OBAMA is actually, IMO, a puppet player and a "talking head" for decisions made for him by the Illuminati Bankers. The delays we recipients are now experiencing are side effects of the Fiat vs Asset Banking warfare now increasing in intensity with each passing day as actions and reactions become ever more visible. The Western Banking Establishment and their "New World Order Plans" are underwritten by their ownership of the printing presses which now more than ever is nothing more than a gigantic counterfeiting operation supported by a variety of Ponzi Schemes. "They" have a hundred years invested in this "virtual world" Monetary System, Economy and Control Mechanism.
Led primarily by CHINA, in the lead role as the largest Creditor of the U.S. led West, and also in their role as major participant in the new asset backed banking system, the ultimatums have been delivered, "we will take no more". The Debtors are responding by reportedly offering everything from Eminent Domain over the U.S. to top secret Military Technology but stating emphatically in ever more public ways, "we will not give up our Fraudulent Financial Playpen", our Counterfeiting Operation or our Thousands of Trillions of Dollars worth of fraudulent "Assets". The historical outcome of such financial fights is actual WAR. The excuses given are always exaggerated for public consumption to shield from view the true reason for the conflict.
The Countries are trying to retrieve their gold. The U.S. can't or won't give it back, a subject covered extensively in previous updates. Obama slaps tariffs on tires from China this weekend in violation of the NWO's own WTO rules. China responds today with tariffs on chickens and auto parts as the prospect for trade wars begins to show. The BIS says move the worthless garbage off the Banks Books and put it into the Clearing Houses, another paper shuffle which does nothing to alleviate the underlying problem that the paper is fraudulent. "STOP" says Murdoch to BECK, and "hand everything over to me" proving once and for all times FOX is no different than CNN, owned and controlled by the Illuminati. What other truths have they "spiked" along the way? This weekend another world famous Economist (Stiglitz/spelling) says the Banks are in worse shape now than when Lehman collapsed, the opposite of what Obama says in New York this morning.
Obama is having lunch today with Bill Clinton and will be with Bush Senior in Texas in October. Birds of a feather. The Military, JAG, Carlyle, etc. assisting in the blockage of deliveries reflects the establishments defense of itself and the status quo meaning the Fed, Fiat and Fractional and its just a coincidence of course that this precludes deliveries, announcements, a return to the Constitution, Asset Backed Banking and EXPOSURES of the Financial Crimes of successive administrations.
This "WAR" has been raging for years so what's new? It's not exactly new, but the West's defense of the West's use of debt as money instead of money as money is now being more intensely waged and the stakes are being raised to such a high level as to cause this confrontation between King Kong and Godzilla to begin to result in earth shaking events. If it stops short of a shooting war the unlimited production of Fiat paper now being conducted on a worldwide massive scale as a "from thin air" defense of the status quo will result in the greatest of all depressions as those with real and earned wealth are forced to "take down" the world of fraudulent fiat paper via intensified economic warfare which can no longer be handled in such a way as to shield the innocent American people from the fallout, previously a major goal. This will manifest as dollar destruction and a prolonged knife fight with the U.S. led Fiat/Globalist/NWO/Illuminati/Printing Press Crowd avoiding EXPOSURE by trying to fend off a sword with a pocket knife. At some point, if history is any guide, their pending loss of this economic fight will result in the Casino Capitalist resorting to the Bomb. In every visible potential outcome WE THE PEOPLE are the pawns and the losers as the people and our country end up under the thumb of the NWO dictatorship, presupposing their "victory". If the administration were defending Freedom by defending a Sovereign Monetary System that would be one thing. They are defending a privately owned Banking Cartel owned by the Satanic Illuminist NWO while suppressing our own Constitution in the process. It's a "sticky wicket". its a can of worms.
The anticipated defeat of the shufflers of fraudulent paper via peaceful means by those having real money is in question not regarding outcome but timing and that may spell delay from our perspective.
The CORPORATION occupying D.C. is not the Constitutional United States Gov't. and the debt they and their Treasury have incurred does not belong to the people. Neither do the bad debts of the Fed Res Banks belong to the people but they are moving all this debt onto the people secretly and this is nothing but corruption. This is a Corporate Gov't./Fed Res sponsored ponzi debt scheme destined to end the way all ponzi schemes end. To survive, a debt based ponzi monetary system must have continuous and ever greater debt bubbles to feed the system. Having extended this formula as far as possible in the private sector the Gov't now becomes the bubble of last resort. They are blowing it up with a continuous flow of more and more trillions of dollars out of thin air to replace the publics inability to borrow and create sufficient debt to keep the ponzi growing. The outcome is certain and obvious and unnecessary. By cooperating in a smooth transition to the new most of the pain would have been averted. Instead "they" demanded the one for one exchange for their garbage and when they could not blackmail the world into that they decide to monetize the domestic debt and blow up the fiat bubble worldwide till it explodes destroying themselves, the creditors and we the people simultaneously. As "poof" says, 1929 on steroids.
It is possible this analysis is completely wrong. This is an opinion piece derived by reading tea leaves, tarot cards and throwing the bones.  I/WE are not principals. "We peek through keyholes and listen at windows."
That which was on-site and ready for delivery Wednesday before last according to us and Trustee has not been "delayed for a month", as someone said last night, due to personel shortages. Also, if it is true Obama calls Trustees for status reports the purpose, in my opinion, is to assist his sabotage efforts which we have followed closely and reported for months with assistance from sources in many disciplines all over the world.
I have so far commented in response to news from several places over the weekend anticipating significant delay and speculated above regarding said news as if it were accurate. I am not sure that it is accurate.
WE have "checked it out" and are getting a mixed response and many silent treatments. There is a long and twisted history of things being true one minute and untrue the next. This has happened many times with our own reporting. By the time WE reported one thing to you (action) the (reaction) was already overcoming what we were reporting. News changes quickly as several messengers try to follow the bouncing ball of events and the resulting package ping pong.
There are dozens of aspects therefore dozens of events on multiple fronts all going on simultaneously. Something occurring on one front having nothing to do with us can influence our timing and this may have happened this weekend some say. WE are not on board with that interpretation yet but neither can we deny it yet. The "players" are holding their cards especially "close to their vest" right now likely as a consequence of the "moves/countermoves" sequences we have experienced so often.
WE must await further news to report something more tangible than this opinion piece.
                       casper  9-14-09