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Another Saturday night at this keyboard. Honestly, I could just scream.
The exciting news hinted at in last nights update was that everything, and I do mean everything, was turned over to Glen Beck at Fox News mid day yesterday. WE hear his fax machines were burning up with documents arriving from all over the world including China. At one point WE hear a thousand pages arrived within a single hour. Murdoch, WE hear, owner of Fox, made the decision to back Beck. WE hear the effort quickly expanded beyond Beck's own staff to include the entire Fox news operation which worked throughout the day yesterday, all through the night and this morning and from one reporter outside our own circle we hear that more than 100 employees were engaged full time. At some point Beck requested a copy of "The Suitcase" and it was provided to him. An attempt was being made to get copies of the videos of "The Ranch" to him also. On his midday show today Beck said the corruption in D.C. is far greater than even he realized and that it is going to be brought down and the American people should watch his show the next four days. Our story, his story, was to break on his show tonight after delivery of the trigger packs today. Other networks, having learned of what was underway at Fox were supposedly beating on the door wanting a piece of the action and that included the  broadcast channels.
As the "Countries" rushed to provide Beck the irrefutable documentation this incredible story necessitates we hear he was overwhelmed with the evidence and documentation and under no circumstances would he back off. 
Throughout this exciting unfolding event WE discussed among ourselves whether Beck or Murdoch would be "gotten to" but news remained consistent all day until a couple of hours ago that Beck would not back off and that in fact Murdoch was helping Beck with the story.
Meanwhile a different security carrier had been hired to do the deliveries the Military Generals, JAG and OBAMA had continued to sabotage. They were to deliver today and although early morning news said that the head of their security had been bribed overnight the problem had been dealt with and deliveries, at least of the trigger packs, would still occur today.
Now comes word that what was thought to be bribery and in some cases may well have been bribery has graduated to death threats for all involved including Murdoch and his family, Beck and other Fox and other network news personnel. Also, the carrier personnel have received death threats from Homeland Security, then they refused to handle the packages. Word now is that Murdoch and Beck have both backed off due to threats and "financial considerations". "Stand up America" says Beck, but when it comes his turn to stand up he runs like a rabbit. Another distinct possibility is that the suitcase contains documentation of the previous bribery of the media in the U.S., especially cable news, as WE were reporting several years ago. Remember?
As a personal opinion, it would not surprise this reporter to learn, in the fullness of time, that Murdoch may well be Illuminati himself and allowed Beck to proceed as far as he did for the purpose learning just how much truth the world possessed and reporting same to those who control him. What better way than this? The threats causing Fox to spike Beck or Beck spiking Beck demonstrates the importance of this matter and the shear quantity of the evidence and proof provided. It is not hard to imagine Murdock receiving calls from both BUSHES who he supported, and the CLINTONS and OBAMA.
WE may never know the extent to which Beck was played for a fool internally or if it was the fear factor which caused this outcome. Recall the reporting of other Messengers, specifically Story, describing the use of death threats around the world recently. And don't ever forget, there are plenty of dead bodies scattered around to drive home their point.
For a year or more WE have reported that there is no distinction between OBAMA, the BUSHES and CLINTON. They all work for the same outfit that being the Evil Satanic Illuminati doing everything possible to retain CONTROL of the world, cover up massive financial crimes and in the case of the U.S. political establishment, to preserve themselves in power and to prevent the disclosures at all cost. Even when the new Global Metals Backed Banking System suddenly appears on television WE believe OBAMA will claim it as his own and proceed with the Socialization of America leading to a Fascist Police State as quickly as possible.
What would you do if you were Beck? Until you walk a mile in another mans moccasins?
In our opinion this is one of the most important days in American history. There can no longer be any doubt that the largest media conglomerates are controlled one way or another. As hundreds of thousands of regular folks turn out around the country to protest what is happening in Washington the Criminal Enterprise controlling our Capital City are issuing death threats to any who dare challenge their crimes. And they are all in it together. All roads lead to Congress and the Oval Office and from there to the Pentagon. They have constructed a world of their own, a world they own outright in which the opinions, hopes, dreams and wishes of the American people have no place. They are themselves owned outright by the Money Trust meaning the Banks, Wall Street and the Bond Holders. Washington is only one tentacle of the Octopus obsessed with CONTROL of the world.
WE don't know what will happen next. More when possible,
                casper   9-12-09
Obviously everything above was written Saturday. It was held back when a whiff of hope came that perhaps decisions made would be reversed. That didn't happen.
Continuing now with additional news.
As WE have reported many times the CORPORATE GOV'T works for the Money Trust (Illuminati) and has been using slight of hand to move bad debt off the Banks Books through the Treasury and the Fed and onto the backs of generations of taxpayers. This is one reason the FED is fighting exposure of what it has done with taxpayer bailout funds and is fighting the proposed audit of its books.
This weekend the BIS, Central Bank to the Central Bankers, says the Dirivatives should be moved to the books of the Clearing Houses with the Central Banks providing the capital (out of thin air) to backstop the clearing houses in the event of more "systemic risk", another slight of hand financial scam to make the banks appear solvent.  
Meanwhile China, apparently bored with the paper shuffling, subterfuge and bogus accounting B.S. of the Investment Banks which magically became Commercial Banks with a wave of the puppet hand of Congress, has said "No Mas", take your various frauds and shove them. Do you blame them? No new money for Geithner/Obama and the corrupt Wall Street Houses get stiffed.
Meanwhile reports say Netanyahu flies secretly to Moscow in a private plane and engages in a shouting match with Putin. Got to have a WAR ready and on stand by don't you see?
Also, outfits like Goldman which have manipulated the metals markets for years on behalf of the Fiat Bankers are massively short metals. The inevitable outcome of the silent war between Fiat and Asset backed banking leaves all those mentioned above and the metal shorts up the creek with no paddle and facing collapse.
The one month delay Intel contained in the Poof update tonight originates in Europe. The decisions are made East of there. WE can and WE will check it out.
                  casper   9-13-09