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Sent: Tuesday, September 08, 2009 10:01 PM
Subject: casper 9-08-09 #2
This update was written Tuesday night but held back awaiting additional confirmations that the arrest of HLS personnel was actually occurring. By this morning (Wednesday) things had changed as described in this mornings update so WE reported the latest and current news first. What follows should therefore be viewed as "historical background" leading to this mornings news reported separately.
Well well well. The W.C. orders JAG to get those packs delivered RIGHT NOW or be arrested and taken to The Hague immediately. "Yes Sir, Roger, Wilco, 10/4 and PDQ and please don't throw us in the briar patch". OBAMA responds by ordering Homeland Security to stop the deliveries and confiscate any pack delivered and to "pick up" any recipient. HLS confronts JAG demanding possession, JAG tells HLS to stuff it. Big fight ensues, Obama and HLS vs JAG which got religion today (I wonder why). World Court orders HLS arrested and at last count, WE hear, eight of their top people have been stripped of their power, arrested and are being sent to the Hague including Napalitano the head person in the agency and former Governor of Arizona. "Can't arrest me says she, you will follow my orders". "Ma'am, your orders have just been cancelled".
WE hear the Court itself found religion today but not without a little recent help. WE HEAR, repeat, WE HEAR, they told OBAMA, "your next"! WE hear the courts new mandate is the same as its old mandate, "you will follow the law".  Perhaps they just needed a little encouragement.
Either deliveries will be immediate or WE will report tomorrow who socked who in the nose overnight.
                      casper   9-8-09  #2  (nighttime)
p.s. I can't resist responding to Mr Dirt Roads well traveled comments on the net today regarding Obama's speech to the children. You really should read it for yourself as I don't want to misquote him. He said "fine and dandy" regarding the speech. I agree, it was a fine speech as usual and I also agree the President should occasionally speak to the children. I view, Conservatives view, the remainder of his comments a textbook example of the uninformed liberal lefts mesmerized view of Obama and his Semi-Communist government. The reason the speech was great is because last week the American people rose up in righteous indignation and made it clear to the Obama Administration they would not stand for the "indoctrination speech" he had planned at that time which included the instruction to the kids to write down "how they intended to help President Obama". Half of the people in this country, Mr Road, do not want our children helping you and Obama and the "hard ass left", AKA COMMUNISM.  Our 50% intends to overcome your 50% as we can't reason with the views of MOST of you we see as barely American and SOME of you who have drank so much kool-aid as to be incoherent.