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Things may appear calm on the surface but turmoil has continued throughout the weekend. Those charged with "First Rail" activities have continued to do their work interrupted often by ongoing "Second Rail" problems as mentioned by TRUSTEE in his Sunday up-date and our own reporting late last week. It matters not how ready the workers such as Trustee's are, the real action and the ultimate decisions are made at the higher Second Rail level.
The blockage/interference continued as packages were again grabbed by the bad guys, hidden this time deep within the Pentagon from where they were supposedly recovered Sunday. Not true, they are still in the Pentagon today. 
WE smell a sack full of rats led by OBAMA and that greatest of all betrayers of The American People, JAG, The Judge Advocate General, who has again and again demonstrated himself/themselves to be the most shameful and dishonest and cowardly bunch of liars ever to wear a United States military uniform. WE hear he/they, instead of following through with the Treason Charges to be filed by them against OBAMA this weekend have instead made a deal with OBAMA not to file the charges, to leave him in power, to assist him in blocking deliveries, announcements, the banking changes, the Constitution and the Gold Standard. This was the initial overnight DOUBLE CROSS of The American People. It was supposed to result in our receiving deliveries but being paid in ever more worthless Fiat Currency the world is trying to dump and leaving us exposed not only to the absurd Obama monetary policies but also HLS and the TRAITORS within JAG. This morning, WE hear, they even crawfished on the deliveries.
From Europe WE hear this will not stand and steps are being taken to deal with JAG and with the problem.  There is much detail regarding "First Rail" activities which would no doubt help you feel more comfortable and more confident but it would not be good business to discuss these First Rail activities publicly at this moment besides which it is the problem exposed above that matters most right now.
Are you watching the news? One of the Gov't acct. offices issued a weekend statement about a "Fiscal Cancer" in the U.S.. The U.N. issued a statement saying "the world must have a new Reserve Currency to avoid the current Confidence Game", a clear reference to U.S. Banking and Political corruption. The BIS issued a statement regarding new and greater Bank Reserve Capital Ratios, a clear reference to Basel III.  STORY disclosed a 500T Derivatives Black Hole at the Fed Res Bank of New York. China issues a statement that they will "redesign" their Foreign Reserves policy, a clear statement aimed at Bernake, Geithner and Obama that they can take their monopoly money and put it where the sun don't shine. Japan and Russia both make statements to the effect that the U.S./Fed Res dollar is toast and Russia predicted the complete collapse of the U.S. just like The Soviet Union. As the Trustee said, the World knows what is going on and must be laughing among themselves as Geither continued to pitch the continuation of failed U.S. led policies of Quantitative Easing and more Status Quo at the G-20..
WE hear China is willing to swap U.S. Treasury Debt Instruments for most anything anywhere and WE also hear the attempt to swap for 50B for IMF SDR's has been blocked. Replacing Fiat from the Fed with Fiat from the IMF accomplishes nothing.
Observing this administrations policies is enough to give a body the runs and a frightful headache. "Cap and Trade" is designed to make the "traders" (and Al Gore) rich again while increasing everyone's utility bills dramatically. The bailouts, totaling trillions and still growing, is designed to save the corrupt banks on the backs of the honest. The Healthcare Legislation will force employers, already laying off workers with 9.7% admitted unemployment, to pay an additional 8% tax, a direct hit to their bottom line causing still more layoffs. In good times these are bad policies. Given the deteriorating global crisis they are nothing short of INSANE. It's hard to imagine a more incompetent or stupid bunch than the Group Think (groupie think) U.S. Politicians. They are making recovery impossible. These guys can not revoke the laws of economics. There are devastating consequences on the horizon. One must assume they are not as stupid or as incompetent as they appear to be leaving only one other visible possibility-they are doing this intentionally, which results in debt repudiation via hyperinflation and the impoverishment of the people but keeps them in power at least until election time when the next Illuminati puppet is put forward.
This may read like "politics" to you but it is all part of a very big picture, an all out effort to maintain themselves in power no matter how horrific the consequences to the Creditors and the American people. Oh how WE wish WE could write well enough to help you see that "they" are fighting tooth and nail for all the things which are the very opposite of what we want for our country.
The Military and JAG lose most of its current standing and power with the return to the Constitution. It is still there for the purposes delineated  in the Constitution but illegal wars and high office obtained by loyalty to corruption ends. Do you remember our previous updates dealing with the bought and paid for Generals previously involved in blocking deliveries? They assisted JAG and OBAMA with this current blockage.
These TRAITORS and BETRAYERS of the American people MUST BE REMOVED AND PROSECUTED and that includes JAG. They are Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and like the Politicians, available to every bidder. The Constitution will provide the authority to do so.
At 8 a.m. JAG was saying the packs had gone out for delivery. At 1p.m. they continued to lie through their teeth saying deliveries were about to begin. The chit is already in the fan and you may be sure the distribution of this update will awaken every country and every key player not already aware of their TREASON.
More when possible,
      casper   9-8-09