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Greetings! I have been very busy this past week and I can tell you that all is well. Please remember that everything is a process. Everything takes time! Yes, the 30 hour deadline elapsed without remedy for the American people and yes I have taken steps to drop the hammer on those responsible. Everything was in place when the dead line passed, placing this matter in the hands of an international body (NOT the World Court!); a step that was absolutely necessary in the process. This began the countdown of yet another 72 hour clock. Unfortunately, this long weekend has delayed everything yet another 72 hours. Everything is on track! The world is aware of what is going on here and I can assure you that we have the world’s attention. If you will take the time to look around you might see the beginning effects of what is happening. 

The fate of the corporation is set in stone. They are done, stick a fork in them! The world knows! They also know, or see, that the American people are awakening from our slumber, like the sleeping giant, to find that all is not as it appears! The world is watching as this great giant awakens and begins the process of taking back our country. Don’t think for a minute that what is happening here is not noticed and felt around the world. The world is squarely behind the American people; the death of the corporation and the return of the republic, for the world, too, is ready for peace! The world is ready to make this transition in spite of the potential losses; in spite of the potential for adversity during this great transition. For there will be adversity! There will be pain; birthing pains, if you will. For we are in the process of epic change! And this does not come without the destruction of the old to make room for the new. The world is squarely behind us. The world has taken a step back so as to watch the events unfold. 

The world is cheering for us! China’s actions this past week have applied a great deal of pressure on the corporation, to our advantage. Was this their intention? Who knows? I hope we are all ready for this transition! I hope we are all ready for the hard work this change will require! I hope we are all ready for the cooperation this change will demand! Remember, you have demanded this change! You have demanded that drastic measures be taken to facilitate this change! And so it is! There are many questions as to what this transition will look like. Who can we trust to fill the positions of the interim government? It is said that there are maybe 150-160 good, honest public servants out of the entire lot of them.. These public servants MAY be a part of the interim government. I can’t say for sure for that is not part of my responsibility. I have every reason to believe that there are those among us who have this well in hand. The interim government is ready at a moments notice to take charge. There are those prepared to secure this country and those prepared to re-educate the American people in preparation for elections that will take place 4-6 months after the swearing in of the interim government once the American people have enough information to place educated votes. Are we ready for these changes? We must all realize that Total Freedom = Total Responsibility. Total responsibility for all of our actions; Responsibility for our families, friends and neighbors. Remember, we are reverting back to a minimalist federal government. We will most likely see the end of welfare, workman’s comp., unemployment benefits, etc., etc. Disaster relief, be it personal or community, will come from you, your friends, neighbors and your church……..your community! There won’t be big brother there to tell you what you can or cannot do. You will be held responsible if you do harm to another, period! You will, once again, become responsible for the personal safety of your family, friends and neighbors. We must redevelop our sense of community, morality and family values. We shall all learn the value of service to our fellow man. There will be NO free lunches, so to speak. Everyone will be productive, be it a little or a lot. The blind, the crippled and the crazy will all have a place in our world. They will all have something to do, for given a chance we can all be productive in some form or fashion. We all have something to offer this world. Our court system will undergo dramatic changes. We will return to a No Harm No Foul mentality. 

Sorry if your feelings get hurt! That won’t be good enough for a lawsuit any more. You will have to grin and bear it. We will see the release of nearly all prisoners, as well. Except those whom were agents and/or employees of the corporation, for they were rightly convicted and sentenced. This means that we will have some undesirables returning to our communities and we will have to learn to handle them. We have a long road ahead of us, but, that’s OK, because we are America! We can do this! So, enjoy the weekend. Enjoy your family and friends, for the days ahead will be full for all of us! 9-9-09 is a portal for change. Endings and beginnings. Wouldn’t this be a perfect time to swear in an interim government? Just a thought! 

Blessings, Trustee

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