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The Gov't. admits 14.5M are unemployed, it's actually much higher. The BLS numbers are just as phony as the Banks Balance Sheets. D.C. is all about lies, big bold outright lies. 
Michelle is doing her best to help out. She has more than twenty taxpayer funded "assistants" catering to her every whim as befits the wife of a man who says he is "The Ruler" of the world. Hillary had three, Laura one. More liberal hypocrisy, Communism for us, lavish living for them.
Pelosi got shot down on her five additional jets for "the Speakers Office" but her 30 million dollar rat farm in San Fran got funded.
Speaking of rats, did you see where they are funding big taxpayer bucks to study the sexual behavior of rats hopped up on methamphetamines? (no joke).
Meanwhile jobless benefits to 1.3 M Americans expire by the end of the year. Trillions for the corrupt banks which previously pocketed Trillions while the regular folk get rat studies.
The OBAMA's appear to be lousy Communists as well as lousy Capitalists.
Speaking of "a Trillion", this from "Townhall Spotlight". 
A million seconds is 12 days.
A billion seconds is 31 years.
A Trillion seconds? 31,000 years.
Think about that.
Of course they can "prop things up" by throwing unbelievable sums of money around like drunken sailors and create the APPEARANCE of RECOVERY, even on a world scale, with "Quantitative Easing", i.e. creating TRILLIONS out of thin air.  It's a fraud like everything else they do. It is added to the debt for your grandchildren's children to pay. We owe 12 Trillion (acknowledged- but actually 50+ T). By 2019 it will be 24 Trillion (acknowledged). This is internal debt. The external debt is many times greater. This explains the Democrats abortion and partial birth abortion policies, i.e. kill 'em so they don't have to face the debt.
Communism is bursting out all over Washington as OBAMA's poll numbers simultaneously drop further as more and more Americans are finally understanding the meaning of "hope and change". They had "hoped to change" America to Communism/Socialism/Fascism before the people woke up. To late Hollywood, to late San Fran and Pelosi, to late Mr and Mrs. OBAMA and your Communist CZARS. Trying to Socialize our Healthcare System so soon after your takeover of the Auto Industry and your Bailout of your Illuminati Banking Buddies and your "Cap and Trade" tax Hoax did the trick Thank God.
You accidentally woke them up.
The Honeymoon is over, the people are waking up their neighbors and all the Czars and Assistants you and Michelle can hire will not stop that light you see coming in the window.
WE happened to know the packs went back out from D.C. Monday early afternoon.
Tuesday was a totally dead and blind day without expected deliveries.
Tuesday night intell pointed to Wednesday delivery in keeping with the 30 hour deadline mentioned by the Trustee, Story's posting being "censored" and our own knowledge of packs being out.
Instead of "compliance" and delivery WE soon learned the packs had been returned to D.C. on orders of OBAMA-again-and were still there yesterday-Thursday. Now its Friday and WE hear the incredibly generous offer of 2 1/2% for their 827T of Worthless Wet Cow Patties has been withdrawn leading us to guess that ongoing fight was/is the most recent reason for delay.
WE hear all is in readiness, all is in readiness, but WE have no explanation for lack of deliveries other than that reported here.
Roy Swasinger, the man who introduced the Farm Claims to the public, has died of Cancer.
Three of the six banks notified by CHINA of their pending default on the Street's Fraudulent Derivatives are Goldman Sachs, UBS and J.P. Morgan Chase. Not a word from the controlled Main Stream Media Con Artist.
MOPE, says Jim Sinclair, is "Management of Perspective Economics" or, as WE prefer to describe it, daily force feeding of pure bullchit to the public by the Administration and their bought and paid for "talking heads" who couldn't  find the targeted spot with a large hand full of toilet paper.
Watch out.
Remain very cautious.
Who knows what this changeover will do to the banks and therefore the markets. No 2 1/2 % plus honest on the books accounting spells visible insolvency and bankruptcy for the big money center banks loaded with garbage derivatives.
It will be interesting to see what Story was asked to with hold hopefully later today.
More when possible,
                 casper   9-4-09
p.s. Dwight, no, if you are not in the programs you would not be paid the level five distributions but would be included in the public benefits to follow such as debt forgiveness.
p.p.s. Ed, the Freedom Program is paying and quite likely FIRST if only by a few short moments. Kissingers Freedom Corp., set up in Paris in the eighties, has been the subject of much debate and in-fighting and I don't know the final outcome.