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WE are not yet gone after all WE are oh so sorry to say.
Every day behind the scenes OBAMA continues to insist, loudly, there will be NO BASEL III, NO GOLD STANDARD and NO DELIVERIES.
The "C.T.", working for the bad guys (BUSH, OBAMA, ETC.), has continued to SABOTAGE everything and was finally "retired" yesterday. He had personal control of more than twenty of the "IMF Programs" and some control over the remainder. This is not our only problem.
Harkening back to our Saturday update the Military again followed the orders of the bad guys not the Court and there was another attempt to access the packs and cards from multiple participating locations.
The packs were retrieved we hear and the "tampering" was confirmed and at that time the word was that all involved would be arrested. After that the problem du jour once again became the fight over the 2 1/2 percent with the U.S., Red China and Germany along with BUSH SENIOR, OBAMA et al continuing to demand the one for one exchange of their garbage derivatives for real money. By delaying the new "they" remain in the old, which they control, which keeps their Fiat "cash stashes" in play not to mention their printing presses.
Yesterday, after three consecutive weeks of 200B++ Treasury Auctions, they sold another 60B.
Whether sold legitimately or to strawman buyers who promptly and secretly sold the debt to the FED, it nevertheless spelled new capital and therefore "time" for OBAMA. WE hear but have not been able to verify that the World Court has ruled the Auction null and void as it raises more Fiat Capital when Basel III was supposed to have shut that pipeline down. Does the World Court have the authority to nullify a U.S. debt auction? WE don't know the answer. WE hear the funds used to purchase the debt came from the Chinese Mafia (Li/Ying) who were supposedly victimized by OBAMA (Chicago Mafia) less than a week ago. Red China holds 800++B of U.S. Treasury Debt Instruments so its obvious that if anyone anywhere is to get "one for one" they would demand the same as would Germany and all others holding any U.S. manufactured and securitized garbage.
Regarding C.T., his sabotage of the IMF Program readiness was intentional, WE hear, and messing up those dominoes likely delays the falling of the first dominoes.
The "NEW" flushes the CORPORATION, OBAMA, THE FED, FIAT, FRACTIONAL and hundreds of Trillions in CDS's, etc.... CHINA is simultaneously and publicly threatening default on their side of the Wall Street created toxic derivatives so what is happening appears to be multi-faceted and explosive with the survival of the Banks and even the world economy hanging in the balance.
All those things you and WE hear daily regarding "First Rail" progress and preparation are true but as WE have reported for 18 months or so it is the "Second Rail" activity that ultimately counts. At this level where the International War between Asset Backed Banking and the Fiat Banking and Monetary Systems continues to be fought 24/7 what seems settled blows up every five minutes or so.
The Banks appear to be caught between the rock and a hard place. Naturally they prefer the status quo but they signed on for Basel WE hear. Along comes OBAMA ordering them not to go Basel no matter what they signed while he simultaneously orders the Military not to deliver the Freedom packs which were again in their possession. If the Banks follow OBAMA'S orders they can't do business with the "NEW" but if they don't and China sets an example of default for the world to follow the Banks are Bankrupt anyway.
Meanwhile China appears to be burning the candle at both ends and regards China there are multiple candles. The Reds "ownership" of U.S. debt is really the Families ownership and they (the families) are also behind the New Metals Backed Banking System. Then there is the wildcard cross current mafia boys who stand to lose Trillions if they take the 2   1/2% so they slip slide funds to OBAMA to help with his sabotage operations (Treasury Debt Purchases) when they are not busy trying to cut his throat with a Rusty Pocket Knife.
Then there is the ever present consideration that the good guys have many different ways to take down the Criminal Enterprise In D.C. but not without horrific collateral damage to the American people.
You have heard of a "sticky wicket" and a "tar baby"?
This is worse than either.
SABOTAGE is the name of the game in D.C.. They have many allies fighting with them to preserve the bankrupt status quo so they can stay in power and continue with their ever so obvious plans to destroy the United States once and for all times replacing it with OBAMA'S  Socialist, Communist, Fascist totally controlled Police State.
Anyone who has not yet snapped to this reality is, in our view, WILLFULLY IGNORANT. His Campaign for Communism has reached such a Crescendo that even Democrats are expressing fear. This is his definition of CCC.  BUSH, CLINTON, MERKLE, OBAMA, THE FED, THE TREASURY, WALL STREET, THE CITY, THE ILLUMINATI, THE CORPORATION, THE CONGRESS, THE C.T., CARLYLE, the big Banks here and in Germany are just a few of those fighting to maintain the status quo and CONTROL as their very lives are dependent upon defeat of the new and suppression of the truth. The "FACE" of the old is currently OBAMA yet he is simply today's representative for something much larger than himself which is the SATANIC ILLUMINATI.
WE continue to hear about deliveries occurring but still can not confirm a single one.
There are many different pieces to this puzzle and suddenly they all seem to be in the air at the same time-again. While retaining themselves in power is their first, second and third priority they are very aware of the consequences to the country of what they are doing. The debt is unpayable and yet they keep adding Trillions more. The creditors will not stand for what they are doing which is to secretly monetize the debt. The U.S. Government is intentionally screwing the world again which is exactly and precisely what WE said they would do long before OBAMA became President. Our Banks are insolvent. Only corrupt accounting rules allows them the appearance of viability. This is where "the rubber meets the road". If they disregard OBAMA and stay with Basel III we will have the Metals Standard, announcements, the Constitution, deliveries, debt forgiveness, personal sovereignty and the exposures and all these last minute "problems" will be so much confetti blowing in the wind. IF they follow OBAMA/BUSH ETC. attempting to maintain the Fractional System and the status quo and the demand for a "one for one exchange" they face the prospect of counter party default on their derivatives and we will see, in our opinion, more delays of indefinite duration as the New Global Banking System is itself delayed leading eventually to another 30's style Great Depression for no reason other than to preserve themselves in power and to maintain financial CONTROL of the world.
                     casper   9-1-09
p.s.  It's late in the day now, the news is gradually improving and the last few calls suggest we stay close to home tomorrow.