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  The latest International Battle of Metals vs. Fiat as described in our last four updates continued yesterday with a "deal" getting done wherein the bad guys led by Senior would get 2  1/2 cents (or percent) on the dollar in metals backed funds for their approximate 827 T in hidden cash and derivatives.
After much harsh confrontation all bad guys except Bush Senior agreed to these terms as the alternative was absolutely nothing, which was and would have been the outcome from a purely legal point of view.
Making a deal with the Fiat Criminals was to put an end to the B.S. and that's apparently why the good guys agreed to it.
Shortly after this deal was made mid -level military removed the packs from the Chinese Embassy. Then, top level military took the packs from those who went in and got them and the packages were disbursed to the Pentagon, Treasury and the Supreme Court. Shortly afterward the Freedom packs were moved from the Pentagon to Treasury. Their plan, WE hear, in spite of the just concluded agreement, was to access some of the cards in the packs using codes provided by helpers within the Ming Compound in China. The codes were not valid.
Before this attempt happened the World Court went in and retrieved the packs and from other sources, WE hear, they ordered the military to deliver the trigger packs this morning or "off to the Hague" with anyone interfering and that other program packs would follow today or this weekend.
As reported yesterday the banks were in on the last minute demands for the one for one exchange of their toxic derivatives explaining their last minute compliance. Once on Basel III they were trapped and in the position of not being able to continue dealing in all things Fiat and this in turn affected everything from Gov't payrolls to the Feds ability to continue printing money WE hear.   Detailed explanations are too difficult for this writing.
Bush Senior continued throughout the day to refuse settlement and the New Metals Backed Global Banking position remained unchanged -"Take It or Get Nothing".
Meanwhile rumors were flying throughout the afternoon and evening that Bush Senior, Junior, the Clintons, etc. had been ordered to Camp David where they were or soon would be arrested, yet all but Senior were at the Kennedy funeral today. This subject remains vague and unsettled.
The packs were to be moved last night to distribution points for deliveries beginning at 9 a.m. this morning. Although overnight rumors suggested deliveries had begun last night WE are unable to verify any at all therefore we respectfully disagree, nor have deliveries begun this morning as scheduled.
WE hear the new banking system will be held up indefinitely until our deliveries and access are certain to be sure the criminals don't receive any funds before us.
Two and one half percent of 827 T is a lot of money but it likely must be split among all banks involved in derivatives, all having "cash stashes" around the world, the previously bribed, perhaps even the drug runners. Can you imagine the coming cat fight among those trying to split this 21 or so T if in fact they get it? WE hear they might still be forced to show source of funds if they make a claim for the 2  1/2 % which might send them to jail which might cause a decision not to make a claim. We do not have detailed information or "insider knowledge" of this subject so please don't consider every word of this overview as accurate. WE hear the documentation controlling this one for one changeover leaves THE COUNTRIES liable for any shortfall in funds.
In addition to the "secrecy factor" many of the "players" in this Rocky Horror Picture Show have apparently spent their entire lives in training to be professional LIARS and this includes World Court Justices, the high echelon Military and the several Presidents themselves. Therefore please, please, accept this update as a "best efforts" attempt to explain current status.
The packs were supposed to leave D.C. last night for delivery this morning.
Now, early evening Saturday, we have learned they were still in D.C. a few hours ago and WE are advised the World Court Justice FROM CHINA, assisted by MERKLE have been secretly countermanding the orders of the Court.
It's about the 2  1/2%.
The appropriate people are now aware of this circumstance.
WE expect this and any other problems which might arise to be dealt with promptly and to result in deliveries PDQ.
And so CASPER, writing on behalf of "WE", wish each of you the very best in your future endeavors.
WE think the moment is upon us when "Officialdom" will soon step to the microphones.
Please remember to support financially and the websites such as Fourwinds and Rumor Mill News which have struggled mightily to keep you informed.
They too have had a long hard "slog" like us and many are not involved in the disbursements.
                      casper   8-29-09
P.S. There are some, one in particular, wishing "WE" would leave them alone. If what WE have reported causes "you" heartburn take some baking soda.  WE have only reported what you have been doing behind the scenes illegally. 
When the packs are delivered WE will leave you alone.