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After the fiasco with  The Ambassadors some 72 hours ago "new arrangements" for delivery were supposedly made with another much larger religious organization whose name we know but there is no sense in mentioning here.  We were intouch with this organization which confirmed their delivery agreement and described the failure of Red China to turn over the packs upon arrival distribution points and their multiple returns to D.C. 
This " Confirmed Story Line" continued in one form or another for 3 days running and was to result in deliveries this morning in spite of the problems described in the three updates dated yesterday.
This morning we have determined that all of this was a CIA managed scam which included the interception of calls to this organization which CIA personnel pretending to be the leaders of this Religious organization and conforming the false story line over and over again.  How we uncovered this is an interesting story but not important for this moment in time.
The packs are still at the Chinese Embassy. They are refusing to release them unless they, along with Bush and many others , are allowed the One for One Exchange for garbage we hear approaches 800T  in fiat value.
The World Court must have a "stash" of their own as we hear they are "onboard" with these demands.
China says this morning they will never release the packages until the One for One is agreed to.  They say they are going to get that, or our program money one way or the other and our packs will not be released until their fiat is converted first.
From other sources in the Far East we are informed that their True Plan is to not release the packages even then, but to end up with both our program money AND the One for One conversion.    Don't panic, this situation is being dealt with.
Of course we are aware of other and different story lines "out there" this morning.
Other stories, Other Analysis, belongs to others so we see no need to address their opinions or their Intel here as we view them as CIA generated and we know from experience how easy that is having bought one of their stories ourselves for two days as described above.
At this critical time we are double and triple confirming everything we write here and what we are reporting this morning is now widely known around the world due to the "explosions" occurring over night "at the top" so to speak with yesterdays updates providing some of the  "combustibles".
There is more we can not discuss quite yet, allot more.
More when possible.
Casper   #1  08-28-09
PS: Yes, we see your questions on the net.  WE have answered the same questions dozens, even hundreds of times, publicly and even privately over the years.  Time and circumstances do not permit us to continue to do this.  Read the files that are archived at Fourwinds.
PPS: The big banks which suddenly went BASEL at the last minute were in on this intended scam led by Bush, Obama,Red China, et al.  The plan for One on One Conversion of their toxic garbage as well.