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The over all situation this afternoon has deteriorated from " DELIVERIES ARE ABOUT TO START" into a Legal quagmire in which the World Court is again failing to perform any of it's responsibilities.
They are NOT helping to obtain possession of the packs from the Chinese Embassy.
They are not pursuing the arrests.
They are not pushing for the announcements.
They are not attempting to over come the Bush/ Red China sabotage efforts in any way whatsoever.
Having convinced themselves " They" have found a Legal Loophole allowing them to exchange their stolen booty 'One for One', Bush and his allies are now about the business of convincing others, including certain countries, that they too, will be able to turn everything on it's head and exchange all things Fiat for Metals Backed Money, 'One for One' no matter how corrupt the "source of funds."
At the center of this unfolding legal crisis are the 40 Freedom account deliveries previously made to Obama allies, illegally delivered, but then Legally confiscated, and the resulting argument/"fact" that these deliveries, although illegal and made clandestinely for nepherious purposes, served the technical purpose, even though un-intended, of legally triggering the announcements, while at the same time all other same program participants had their packages illegally withheld. 
These 40 packages were signed for legally even though the delivery of them was illegal.
Any subsequent paperwork that those recipients may have signed is illegal so say Judges we are talking with.
To simplify, everything they are trying to do, led by Bush Sr., is designed to again enrich themselves while simultaneously screwing everyone else, and Red China is facilitating the attempt while the World Court stands by...Mute and quite possibly "purchased".
All this at the very last moment just as everything is in place for delivery for several days in a row, just as the background banking change over is ready to take place. 
What "they" are trying to do, if the above attempt to explain it is not sufficient, is to obtain a 100% conversion of their stolen funds and their worthless assets, while simultaneously stopping the announcements and the arrests. Then and only then, letting our deliveries go, and leaving "WE THE PEOPLE" at the mercy of Obama, Homeland Security, Black Water (XE), Carlisle,Acorn and every other group of vampires and snakes  in Washington, NY, etc.
It's a mess, with the outcome up in the air.
More when possible.
casper  #3     08-27-09