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The packs never made it into the hands of the Good Guys who are on Standby to do the deliveries.
China continues to play hide and seek with the packs while lying to the world in the process.
The immunity demands reported this morning are real and part of the stall, but another issue has come to light this afternoon, which helps to explain why the packs are back in the Chinese Embassy as we write.
After the scheduled delivery of Freedom  today, the banking and monetary systems change over was scheduled for midnight tonight,  after which the criminals ill gotten gains, hidden around the world, including their overload of toxic derivatives, would have been worthless.
By stalling the deliveries, China, with the indirect assistance of the World Court as they refused to go into the Embassy to retrieve the packs, were working with Bush to create a scenario in which they would be able to obtain the 'One for One' exchange of their stolen funds apparently without having to prove the source of those funds.  This would also apply to their stores of derivatives.
Whether this is because of complicated "legalese" written into various documents, or simply the latest scam being attempted by the best scammers and con artists the world has ever known, we don't know yet.
Suffice it to say this poorly written explanation does not originate with us, but with brighter allies from the Legal realms.
We are once again back into a 'wait and see'  posture.
More when possible.
Casper  #2   08-27-09