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Not mentioned before now is that the packs, all packs, have been held at the CHINESE EMBASSY in D.C. since being retrieved from Treasury and the Supreme Court a week or so ago. Acting on World Court orders it was their responsibility to get the packs to distribution points around the country for pick up and delivery by secret methods and they have done so twice more after the fiasco involving the Ambassadors WE previously reported. On both occasions, upon arrival, CHINA refused to hand over the packs to the secret delivery helpers who were present and ready as scheduled.
Behind the scenes CHINA was attempting to negotiate immunity for THE BUSH'S and delaying deliveries as leverage in negotiations which were turned down flat by the Court. Huge financial penalties were applied to CHINA by the Court because of the delays with CHINA then claiming they were unable to pay then further delaying by pulling the packs back a second time. Remember, as WE have previously reported, Red China is just as broke as OBAMA. The funds to keep the U.S. alive comes through the Chinese Gov't. alright and appears publicly as U.S. debt to them but in fact the funds are provided by the five dynasty families to avoid a complete meltdown of the U.S. and the horrific consequences to the American people. Then, to add insult to injury CHINA attempted more trades to try and generate the funds to pay the penalties, all were blocked of course.
There is more but it is unnecessary and superfluous. The situation is being dealt with.
WE can't afford to be specific at this moment so lets just say  the "high alert" message from yesterday is still applicable and the sign is flashing.
                  casper   8-27-09  #1