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Remember the metals certificates brought over by YING from CHINA a few days ago?
After trying and failing to cash several of them and failing to pull off several trade attempts using them as collateral OBAMA IS NOW REFUSING TO RETURN THEM TO YING. Ha Ha Ha, Ho Ho Ho. No honor among thieves. Ha ha ha, isn't this priceless? The CHINESE MAFIA gets screwed by the CHICAGO MAFIA. WE could give YING some tips on how to retrieve his property, face value in the Trillions by the way, but WE doubt he wants to talk to us anymore. Anything "loaned" to OBAMA becomes "his property".
Will the "world" never learn?
He has pulled this scam several times before.
Poor old Dr. FRANKLIN FRISBY, head of the AMBASSADORS GROUP. This afternoon his organization, years in the making, has collapsed around him like the twin towers. Resignations are pouring in not only from his Minister colleagues all of whom he screwed royally but also from businessmen associated with the Ambassadors.
He had built an International following, all gone in a matter of hours.
WE hear they couldn't keep up with the calls from around the world today due to this mornings disclosure that he was "purchased" by OBAMA like a cheap whore.
WE have subsequently learned that he is a member of OBAMA'S "round table", a fact unknown to us or those who trusted him/them with delivery responsibilities.
Have you noticed who OBAMA is appointing as CZARS? Several are avowed Communist, others are former "Black Panthers" and "Weathermen".
Will you kool-aid drinkers ever wake up?
The daily "sales pitch" that OBAMA and BERNAKE have saved the worlds economy is pure unadulterated BULLSHIT. The 700T in derivatives are still there. This week a Federal Judge ruled that the FED must disclose within 30 days what they did with Trillions confiscated from the public. uh oh. Remember the "cartoons" which preceded the movies in the old days? That's what you are watching, the biggest financial farce in history.
There is no longer any separation between the White House, the Fed, the Street and Treasury, they are in bed together and they are engaged in a sexual/financial orgy that boggles the mind.
Things are not as bleak as they appear friends.
Now that today's snakes have been dealt with and the packs returned to the care and keeping of the good guys in D.C.
WE recommend you remain on high alert as new arrangements are in the works.