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The requirement that the "trigger packs" be delivered first has never changed so the "in and out" and the "back and forth" reported here always involves the status of those packs which you and everyone else in the world has come to realize are the FREEDOM PROGRAM PACKS. WE will avoid a repeat discussion of why. how and when these packs became the "trigger" for all other deliveries and refer you to previous updates archived at Fourwinds if you care to review the explanations.
Many attempts to deliver these packs have been blocked by OBAMA eventually resulting in today's attempt to have them delivered in a most unusual way with the other deliveries to follow by regular carriers this afternoon. For whatever reasons the Carriers were willing to deliver the other program packages so long as FREEDOM was delivered first by someone else.
The group selected to do the deliveries this morning are known as "THE AMBASSADORS", a worldwide group of ministers who have a program of their own and are anxious to have the FREEDOM deliveries made so they can receive theirs along with the rest of us. This morning OBAMA ordered HOMELAND SECURITY to threaten and to stop the AMBASSADORS from delivering the FREEDOM packs. He did this in violation of NEW AND CURRENT World Court Orders to himself and HLS to get out of the way and not to interfere. He has done this several times before and pays no attention to World Authorities who have jurisdiction over these packs and our deliveries. The Ambassadors, who say they are fearing for their lives, have turned the packs back over to those in D.C. who were in charge of getting them out. This will cause the other deliveries, scheduled this afternoon, to be stopped as well. The Ambassadors had promised faithfully that under no circumstances would they be intimidated or turn the packs back. At the first threat they flee like rabbits crumbling under the slightest pressure refusing to stand up to the D.C. Corruption and leaving WE THE PEOPLE without the leadership they said they would provide. If thousands of Gods Finest can't find the courage to look OBAMA in the eye one wonders what they will "preach" to their flocks next Sunday.
WE don't know what will happen next. Will advise when possible.
                  casper  8-25-09  #1
P.S. Individual ministers who are members of the AMBASSADORS are calling to say they have not been threatened, that some of their top people have been BOUGHT by OBAMA and his henchmen. They are plenty upset.
P.P.S. WE are now informed that THE TOP MAN in the AMBASSADORS GROUP HAS BEEN BOUGHT BY OBAMA WITH PROMISES and without up-front money. He is the one who cancelled the Security Accompaniment that had been arranged for the minister's and he has ordered the packs returned to D.C..