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 casper 8-23-09
They are out they are back, they are out they are back, so WE maintain silence because they are out but then they are back. Again.
Deliveries were to again begin at noon yesterday but they were pulled back again by OBAMA and bad guys at the IMF and in CHINA. This was obviously a violation of their latest immunity agreements as described by STORY in his overnight update. There were additional attempts on the accounts TODAY, another violation of their agreements. As always their word and their signatures are worthless.
The situation at this moment is nip and tuck. The fight over immunities continues, it may be over at any moment, it may continue for a few days. Our best guess is the former.
WE hear some of the "Non-Compliant" banks have made last minute decisions to become compliant but as near as we can determine this has nothing to do with the latest delays.
Bill and Hillary were in the OVAL OFFICE mid-week at the height of the immunity negotiations using No. Korea as the cover story-again. Yesterday they were in Bermuda but HURRICANE BILL ran them out. HaHaHa. Every "cover story" becomes more transparent than the one before.
Hold fast friends, its being handled. Join US in advising those fighting the D.C. Criminals that "the Possum ain't dead till he flops his tail".
                casper   8-23-09