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The packs, which were being held at CARLYLE, did leave there this morning for delivery today as CARLYLE is in some "can't discuss it" type trouble right now.
Having arrived at distribution points the UNION DRIVERS refused to deliver and the packs are enroute back to D.C. right now.
The Unions are trying to force the Hammer hanging over CARLYLE to go away.
Next step unknown.
Late last week CARLYLE, which is controlled by BUSH SENIOR and which in turn controls the Carriers through their Unions, supposedly"flipped" back to our side as a result of losing Carrier Contracts and getting some Immunity for past deeds. This was to result in deliveries Saturday, then Monday. When that didn't occur WE found the packs at Carlyle where they had been held/returned on orders of BUSH and CLINTON. After a couple of "head fakes" with the packs they finally left there this morning but not until CARLYLE'S Immunity was withdrawn by the World Court and certain other hammers fell on their heads which WE can not discuss. The packs reached their distribution points around the country whereupon the Carrier Drivers who are Union, refused to deliver.
The Unions are the left hand of the Chicago Gangster occupying the White House, the right hand being ACORN which has been moved into the White House. Perhaps you have seen the newsclips lately of Union Members physically attacking townhall Healthcare attendee's putting some in the hospital and some in wheel chairs. These thugs work for OBAMA so it is not difficult to guess who ordered the drivers not to deliver after CARLYLE had been dealt with harshly. Remember, WE reported to you months ago the rip off of Senior Debt Holders in the Gov't takeover of the Automobile Industry in favor of the Unions. They owe OBAMA and the responsibility for this street thuggery and this refusal of the drivers to deliver belongs to him and BUSH and CLINTON.
When you think it could not possibly get more intense---it does.
More when possible.
                  casper   8-11-09   #1