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As WE have explained before, the Packs, Possession of the Packs and Movement of the Packs are simply physical manifestations of the battles raging behind the scenes.
OBAMA owes 15T to others with a Monday deadline. He literally has 15T in hot checks out.
CLINTON went to North Korea to retrieve money hidden there. The "Dear Leader" was to get a big cut but demanded his up front that's why the sour puss look on Clinton's face throughout. He failed to get the money stashed there.
OBAMA then arranged two T from IRAN this morning, it arrived but was then BLOCKED.
He then demanded 2T per day from the IRAQ CENTRAL BANK for the next seven days OR ELSE. "They" had huge money stashed there including stolen oil revenues even stolen Kuwaiti oil revenues. He gave ultimatums to al-Maliki who eventually told OBAMA there would be no transfers at all, that all funds belong to the Iraqi people and all five Banks there have now been put under control of the Iraqi Govt...
He then went to INDIA--"can't get transfers through" was the word from there.
Then to Pakistan, then Africa including Kenya where he was demanding one T from each country.
In all the above efforts he demanded the funds be transferred to HIS PERSONAL ACCOUNT.
In all incoming transfer attempts he was aided and abedded by GERMAN BANKS which were simultaneously trying to access our accounts.
Next he tried to access an account in CHINA to no avail.
Certain "FAMILY MEMBERS" in CHINA provided OBAMA what they all thought was current access codes to our accounts. When OBAMA tried to access he was advised "ACCESS DENIED".  
Then to SYRIA, then to KUWAIT. Tough luck Mr. President.
OBAMA owes 15T by Monday. OBAMA has 15T in outstanding checks he can't cover. Sounds to me like he is in for a real crappy weekend.
                       casper   8-7-09  #3    evening
p.s. In all the above attempts today OBAMA has told everyone he talked to that they will do exactly as he says that HE IS THE RULER OF THE WORLD.  No kidding and no exaggerating.