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Thursday p.m. a delegation representing 'The Families' arrived to get the deliveries out immediately.
Thursday night they went to get the packs at the Supreme Court (most programs) and Treasury (Freedom). They were refused possession as described below.
Friday at approximately 10 a.m. the packs were again supposed to be removed from the S.C. and Treasury with orders for delivery same day. They were picked up but subsequently returned.
This morning the packs were to be picked up again at 10 a.m. and deliveries to begin at 4 p.m. This afternoon those charged with delivery reported to US they were about to begin deliveries yet they had never been picked up.  CHINA was so notified.
The good family members gave orders to a different group to pick the packages up and they went to do so armed with the proper paperwork at approximately 4:30 p.m. today.  
Also today The Families were notified of a variety of Bank Accounts and transactions involving the Central Bank of Iraq and other Banks in other countries involving BUSH, YING and LI.  More than twenty accounts have been located and the good MING moved to lock them down. Meanwhile a top aide to the Family in CHINA was caught talking to BUSH SENIOR on the telephone. He ratted out other Family members and it appears half the MING FAMILY has been on the BUSH payroll some for as long as 15 years. Accounts were identified in SYRIA, KUWAIT, NORTH KOREA and AFGHANISTAN to name only a few of the more than twenty. HUGE QUANTITIES of stolen oil money have been located along with huge amounts of cash taken from Saddam Hussein, Gold Certificates and large quantities of counterfeit money being used to bribe the ignorant. Accounts were set up for YING and LI in all the various countries. The names on most of these accounts and their status are known. The bad side of the Families then attempted to move these funds and are extremely angry they have been found out and when BUSH, Li, YING and OBAMA were notified we hear they went ballistic.
The second group referred to above went in to get the packs. They have not been seen or heard from since. Their phones are shut off including their home phones. Communications in and out of D.C. as well as attempts to reach Europe and CHINA have all been blocked since 4 p.m. today. Status of the packs and the personnel are unknown tonight.
Don't buy the B.S.. It is orchestrated. Put two and two together. Use your brain. It has never been more intense. The CORRUPTION exceeds your wildest imaginings.
                casper  8-1-09  #2
p.s. The MING and the good family members say they are working to get these packages to us and we do appreciate it.  IMF members, its time to get your fingers out of your butts and help if you want your money. The heat on the bad guys is going to get a lot hotter.
p.p.s. The above is part of the reasons why OBAMA has continued to say we will never receive these packages.