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The packs WE watch are still in D.C..
OBAMA did try to trade the funds in the 40 accounts last night as he said he would, only to find the accounts blocked. He is claiming personal ownership of these funds.
A couple of you have questioned whether OBAMA would make the statement attributed to him in last nights update so let us clarify that now; The words were from OBAMA'S OWN MOUTH, not second hand 'hand me downs' and THERE WERE MULTIPLE "WITNESSES".
TODAY OBAMA is again saying we will never receive deliveries so long as he is President. WE have reported these words of his till WE are blue in the face.  As this is the position he takes every day with people all over the world how is it that your "informed source" does not know this?
He is shouting it from the roof tops and has been for months, ever since the decisions were taken months ago to preserve the status quo and block the new at any cost.
His public actions, such as his proposed vast increase in power for the Fed Res, should show any thinking individual the truth of the matter with no need to rely on any messengers interpretation of anything.
For goodness sake people won't you please WAKE UP?
If and when, our packages arrive it will be in spite of him not with his help.
What he has done to block deliveries has been reported here diligently over a period of many months in very great detail.
Frankly speaking I don't know what more WE could have done.
You have been made privy to dozens of acts of sabotage by him.
From OUR perspective WE have no choice but to accept the fact that a large percentage of the population of this country would continue to WORSHIP OBAMA if he shot dead his own kids on national television.
That's how it appears from here I am very sorry to say.
                  casper   7-27-09