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casper 7-25-09


After last weekends disclosure that the World Court was once again set to screw us and their Representative had accepted a bribe of 2 B from OBAMA silence prevailed, unless you consider the daily ABC Hell Storm news?
WE knew something was not right as the blackout extended worldwide with emphasis on CHINA. Not only were our calls blocked more intensely than ever before but even calls among CASPER TEAMMATES were being blocked. In a single day 27 calls between us were blocked, 15 outgoing and 12 incoming. Recall that the bribe was paid in advance and its disclosure caused quite a ruckus WE hear.
By Thursday WE were hearing that some FREEDOM packs had been delivered and accessed. WE were able to confirm a couple of them leading to further investigation which exposed some 40 FREEDOM deliveries over the past four weeks. ALL were to major supporters of OBAMA WE learned.
WE have subsequently learned certain MING who are also CHINESE MAFIA, have been funding OBAMA personally since long before he became President. While OBAMA was at the G-8 their leader, the dead one, was at the U.S. Treasury. Over the years this Wing of the MING has given or loaned OBAMA and the U.S. so much money they are now near the end of their financial rope. "THE DEAD ONE", as WE now refer to him, representing the MING, the CHINESE MAFIA and Dr. LI, along with the CHICAGO MAFIA, have been funding OBAMA all along with the primary motive being, from the MING perspective, to convert the U.S. to COMMUNISM/SOCIALISM/CENTRAL CONTROL over America. From where else could this news have come except from the "insiders" in CHINA itself?
Eventually one of the forty ran his mouth confirming that aspect of these disclosures. They are, as a general statement, the largest participants in Freedom.Those receiving these packages were/are also on board with OBAMA'S takeover of America. Access to these packages which was occurring as they were received over the last four weeks was made possible by the combined efforts of OBAMA, Dr. LI, and "The Dead One" which also brought the Ming and the Chinese Mafia into it as that is who they are. AND Treasury, the OBAMA/GEITHNER TREASURY. WE have many of these names and are working to acquire the rest at which time all of them will be released at once. This same group, leading several others, has also been propping up OBAMA via their ongoing acquisition of new issue Treasury Debt Instruments. Over the last ten years these MING have squandered assets accumulated over more than 100 years. OBAMA was to "re-supply" their lost funds from the theft of our program funds, but again, the primary objective was to support OBAMA'S conversion of America to COMMUNISM.
Remember the expected "JULY 4TH SURPRISE"? Because the FREEDOM CONTRACT calls for announcements and the unveiling of "The Suitcase" upon delivery of a single Freedom Pack, and because deliveries to the 40 were taking place, the "surprise" was to be all deliveries, the announcements, disclosure and exposure. All was blocked because only OBAMA'S henchmen got secret deliveries which no one knew about till now.
The above disbursements DID NOT COME FROM THE PROGRAM FUNDS. They were provided by MING, LI and "THE DEAD ONE".
WE hear the WORLD COURT has been or is in the process of being "disbanded" due to ongoing corruption. This news also comes to us from overseas.
In spite of the above WE hear deliveries are again due at any moment which means the good guys are aware of and are cleaning up the mess reported above. WE hear Announcements and The Suitcase will follow immediately as previously scheduled.
Any decent Journalist could write a very big book about OBAMA corruption which has already occurred during his first six months in office. ACORN for example, has been indicted for voter fraud in nine states, has already been given 50 million plus by OBAMA, is scheduled to receive BILLIONS more from the "stimulus money" and has been "punished" by being moved into the White House". There are a dozen other such scandals underway simultaneously all being hidden from the people by the bought and paid for Main Street Media.
Unless the American people wake up now, right now, you can kiss this Country, its historical values and its Founding Documents good bye. Every kool-aide drinker out there must force some black coffee down their own throats or be willing to accept responsibility for the destruction of our beloved Country.
               casper   7-25-09