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WE stayed up late last night looking for deliveries.
Military sources said they knew of three, World Court sources said they knew of a handful.
At that time WE viewed this as absolute confirmation deliveries were underway in spite of OBAMA'S threats.
This morning there is no follow through, no continuation.
Nor can WE truly verify the reported deliveries actually took place.
WE are checking and analyzing everything and concluding that the World Court Representative could not have pulled his "U.S. has been delivered scam" by himself.
OBAMA said he has bought the World Court, The Pentagon and the Military.
This morning there is no reaction to yesterdays update from the Court which is very unusual (they receive our updates direct).
WE sense that having caught the World Court Rep. in this latest bribery scandal higher ups in the Court are also involved and have thrown a blanket over things while they figure out what to tell the Countries next.
WE sense the Military may have been lying as well and if so this might put the Military, the Court and OBAMA back in bed together where they were previously. Other explanations are possible, WE are working on it.
"Confirmed Deliveries" from last night can not be reconfirmed this morning.
It is time for the IMF Countries to take a close look at what is going on at the World Court.
More when possible,
                      casper  7-20-09