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Our last update dated 7-14-09 (#3) said it's on the move again.
The packs were moved from Treasury to the Supreme Court.
Recall our update last Sunday or Monday, I forget, in which WE said a large sum of money was somehow brought into the U.S. by OBAMA with which he could buy more time.
It was between 3 and 5 T, the source was the Ming and Red China and the deal was a loan to the U.S. Government conditioned on him letting the deliveries go. As previously reported he stopped deliveries (after making the deal while overseas) as soon as he was airborne and knew the money had come into Treasury, the latest example of him double crossing everyone who tries to do business with him.
After the funds arrived in Treasury he was unable to wire transfer them out to the many many recipients he had bribed with this "if-come" money as wire transfers were being blocked so he moved these T's TO HIS PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNT and proceeded to write personal checks to all those demanding immediate payment.
All of these funds have been blocked and one of the outcomes is that the Supreme Court, WE hear, is currently trying to extort money from the Countries for themselves.
It appears, although WE can't confirm, that ALL of them, from the Court to the Generals, from OBAMA to Criminals all over D.C., must be expecting to "be gone" and are grabbing for as much money as possible as they continue to do the bidding of those hanging onto the status quo.
 The packs at the Court were to go out yesterday afternoon for delivery today and were supposedly marked "do not return".
More lies as the packs did not move and are still there mid-day Friday.
The funds LOANED to OBAMA were not intended for these purposes. As soon as he had possession he claimed it is his money as he has done with others funds as WE previously reported. Moving funds loaned to the U.S. from Treasury to his personal accounts and attempting to use it to payoff previously negotiated bribes is TREASON, Treason plain and simple.
How much trouble must he and the Washington Establishment be in to do such a thing, to take such risk? He now claims the funds were a gift. Can you imagine such a thing, several T's a gift?
Remember when he recently pulled something similar when loans from Muslims were cancelled and he claimed once offered it became his money?
Stupid is one thing, insanity quite another.
OF COURSE WE ARE AWARE of the additional goings on this week from the business with the Frenchman to some folks expectations for something other than the packages being delivered today.
Many things happen simultaneously around the world and WE are in on most of it.
For now it is important the above intell be known and WE will reserve comment on the other less urgent subjects.
                      casper  7-17-09