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 casper 7-8-09
Among the things WE avoided discussing in Sundays update (7-5-09) was the fact that OBAMA and THE MING had managed to get into some of the accounts, specifically the F.C. accounts. By Saturday the funds had been retrieved and were back in their proper place. This is the reason why deliveries did not occur last Friday as scheduled.
THE MING have loaned Trillions to BUSH/CLINTON/OBAMA over the years and they want and need their money back. They and OBAMA have continued to SABOTAGE deliveries and have an agreement to steal all funds and to split the money with OBAMA using some of "his share" to repay the MING. They recently used Homeland Security to stop deliveries again accounting for further delays since Sunday. Now THE MING are threatening everyone involved in funding and delivery and "fronting" for OBAMA as was HLS as they use first one then another method for causing ongoing delay.
Not all MING are corrupt and not all have made a deal with OBAMA but the hierarchy have and that's the problem du jour.
TREASURY continues to borrow and spend Billions each week and intends to borrow another 1.1T before the end of the year on top of the 160B BUSH Stimulus, the 860B OBAMA Stimulus, the 8000 earmarks, the next Stimulus now being discussed and hundreds of Billions in Bailouts for the Banks. Only a blind man living in a very deep cave could fail to see the intentional bankrupting of the country and the American people by OBAMA and the Communist Clowns who surround him. The purpose is to retain "control" and to continue their Fraudulent Financial Playpen.   
Deliveries were expected today and may yet come tomorrow. If not, be aware that it is OBAMA who continues to block deliveries and he is now being assisted by THE MING.
More when possible,
                        casper   7-8-09