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Since OUR last update the evening of Wednesday, July 1st its been more of the same every day, in other words more SABOTAGE of deliveries led each and every time by OBAMA up to and including today.
Going into the daily details, the methods, the people involved, etc. would jeopardize sources and be of no benefit to anyone anyway since the blockages were dealt with as they arose and anything we say now would be nothing more than a worthless historical re-cap not to mention a tedious pain in the butt.
At this time all has been dealt with and we are back "on go" so once again-"heads up".
Did you enjoy OBAMA'S definition of JULY 4TH in America? No celebration of Independence as that is the last thing he intends for us.
Instead we were given a SESAME STREET ANNIVERSARY BIRTHDAY PARTY for children.
What will it take for the American people to realize that he and his wife are no fans of America, simply employees of the CORPORATION AND THE ILLUMINATI and the NEW WORLD ORDER. 
Remember weeks ago when WE said the nine month delay in the OBAMA/PELOSI Consumer Protection Acts was for the Banks to have time to jack up rates, fees, etc. before it kicks in? Well, did you read about all the increases announced last week?
It was a SCAM from the outset, the POLITICIANS work for the Banks not the people.
What more clear example do you need?
Today's SCAM DU JOUR is the hand wringing about unemployment hitting 9.5%. Its actually twice that. When they don't like the numbers they simply change the methodology of the calculations as they have done several times to suppress the actual unemployment numbers. We live in a world of intentional lies with Government leading the parade and teaching Business and Citizens that it is normal behavior.
The Banks Books are a farce and the farce is Government sponsored and approved as were the SCAMS at Freddie, Fannie and AIG.
This is the state of our nation today and D.C. will remain a sewer filled with con artist, liars, thieves, traitors and criminals until the source of those lies, the CORPORATION masquerading as legitimate Government, is thrown off and replaced by the Constitution and leaders with integrity.
Now we have the spectacle of OBAMA appointing CZARS to run a dozen areas of Government Oversight, a clear violation of the Constitution designed to by-pass Congress and provide him additional dictatorial control of the Country. Still the people sleep while Rome burns.
What do you think the press would have done had BUSH tried such a thing?
While people the world over protest and riot for Freedom the American people have been become so docile and sedated and so apathetic that Sesame Street for Independence Day raises not a whimper and the theft of Trillions from our grandchildren to bailout utterly corrupt financial institutions hardly raises an eyebrow.
The answer is YES.
YES the American People do get the Government they deserve..
                     casper   7-5-09