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 For the last eight months The World Court and The Ming have been working with OBAMA to block deliveries. This was well hidden but no longer.
The MING have been financing ALL the activities of SENIOR, JUNIOR, CLINTON and OBAMA during that period (and before).
A deal was made to STEAL all program funds which would be split between OBAMA, MING, MERKLE, HIGGINS, THE GENERALS, JAG and many others for whom accounts have been set up overseas to accommodate their "payoffs" and "payouts".
MING needs funds, wants to be repaid all they have invested in the four CRIMINAL PRESIDENTS and made these deals with OBAMA while continuing the ruse that they wanted the programs paid. They have ordered The World Court not to deliver the packages. MING can not recoup their investments in OBAMA and the others as they have no money other than the planned theft of our program funds. Ming has ordered a halt to everything and stated that "you will never see the packages". They claim they can break the contracts they entered in to. They say the Countries will never be paid nor will we.  All the usual B.S. was covered i.e. "all money belongs to OBAMA, did he invest? Did anyone invest other than the intended recipients? blah blah blah etc etc. etc... 
Action-Reaction. It takes two to play checkers, chess, tennis,  or to tango. Now that OBAMA, THE MING, MERKLE, THE GENERALS, JAG, HIGGINS and others have been caught red handed WE must await further news. Be frustrated, be mad, but don't be distraught, this too shall be overcome.
                        casper   7-1-09  #2