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 Every week brings new examples of OBAMA'S intentional destruction of OUR America and its reconstruction to fit the views of an extremist left wing Fascist Elite hell bent on completion of their goals before the American People realize what has happened to them. 
This week, for example, the EPA issues its report saying that Global Warming, Man Made or otherwise is a farce, that in fact the average temperature of the earth has fallen eleven years in a row. OBAMA says bury it as this does not comport with our decisions or our policies. Like the head of NASA who said the same thing last year these folks can now expect their walking papers. 31,000 Scientist say it is a scam. It is a SCAM. CAP AND TRADE IS A SCAM. The purpose is International Taxation which can never be stopped once begun. The Bank Bailouts are SCAMS, Nationalizing health care is a SCAM designed to expand Government. They are introducing Legislation by the Train loads (exempting themselves of course) and all of it is a SCAM designed to kill off the United States in favor of THE UNITED STATES and The NWO which are CONTROL mechanisms of the ELITES.
These semi-public scams are nothing compared to what goes on behind the scenes such as the attempts to steal the program funds, other countries metals, bribery of the Military, JAG, The World Court, etc.... Six of ten Americans still support OBAMA and are seemingly without knowledge of what he and the Politicians are doing. The good ship United States has been intentionally crashed upon the rocks, scuttled, and is coming to pieces, and still the people remain blind, ignorant and adrift.
More and more it seems that only the funding and the announcements hold the possibility to reverse this increasingly hopeless situation. The fight to stop deliveries goes on all day every day. The one constant in all that WE discover is OBAMA, every time without exception. The never ending daily "cover stories" are to mask whatever he is trying that particular day. Uncovering one attempted scam does not mean that all have been discovered or even the biggest or most important. Uncovering the Scams of the Generals and JAG have led to others still unfolding. The plan was/is to steal all program funds and divvy them up among participants involved in current attempts to steal which WE will disclose in the next update, perhaps tonight. JAG had Bank Accounts set up for them in four countries. Learning of this stuff each day is truly sickening. The realization that those at the highest levels of Civilian and Military Authority in this Country are COMMON CRIMINALS, MAFIA types if you will, leaves one speechless and sad, so very sad.
There are those who can and are overcoming these Traitors. Each new mess must get fixed before deliveries so all manner of excuses are thrown out to cover "the real deal". While one attempt is being blocked the Criminals are busy setting up the next one. WE can't explain why nothing is done to or about these people, WE don't understand it ourselves.
"The hour is fast approaching, on which the Honor and Success of this army, and the safety of our bleeding Country depend. Remember officers and soldiers, that you are Freemen, fighting for the blessings of Liberty - that slavery will be your portion, and that of your posterity, if you do not acquit yourselves like men."
       -- George Washington, General Orders, August 23, 1776
                  casper   7-1-09