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  After Monday mornings update exposing the activities of the Generals and Monday nights update reviewing what had been happening over the weekend, "Friends" far away requested WE holster our guns, uh pens, er keyboard, for a short while to assist in getting things done. That was Tuesday. WE did our part but they have not been able to get a leash on OBAMA and JAG, which was to arrest and prosecute the Generals for trying to extract Trillion Dollar Bribes and which has now "thrown in" with OBAMA and the Generals having now been promised massive bribes themselves.
The news Tuesday said the Generals were offered prosecution or resignation. After three "4 Star's" were supposedly arrested by JAG the remainder realized things were serious and resigned WE were told, as was the rest of the world, including CHINA and the IMF Countries.. If true at the time it lasted only until OBAMA could bribe them. By then several tens of thousands of faxes and e-mails had been received by JAG complaining of the CRIMINAL ACTS of the GENERALS which had been tape recorded. Perhaps after reading this update you too will finally find your voice before the Ayatollah OBAMA makes that impossible.
JAG has been in touch with the "world" in conference calls all week assuring them and us they had posession of the "trigger packages" and would get them delivered momentarily, these daily lies leading up to today, Saturday, when the IMF nations, the families in CHINA and the entire world was "guaranteed" deliveries would begin by 9 a.m. this morning.  It was all lies, the packages had been hidden inside Treasury for several days and were located there this morning. GEITHNER has advised all TREASURY personel that if the packages leave there again ALL TREASURY PERSONEL WILL BE PROSECUTED. Meanwhile WE were receiving similar assurances throughout the week culminating in calls last night guaranteeing delivery today if WE would maintain silence last night. Our sources, like everyone else in the world, were being lied to by JAG which claimed posession and guaranteed Saturday delivery.
 Throughout this week OBAMA has continued to try to bring in new capital most recently Thursday afternoon which was from the more radical MUSLIM FACTIONS. This happens every day as does his ongoing attempts to trade anything he can lay hands on, even attempting to use accounts around the world as collateral for trades. All have been blocked, all incoming funds have been blocked.
WE continue to hear that OBAMA has stripped the country of all precious metals including Gold, Silver and Platinum Certificates. And lest we forget, the stolen metals of other countries stored here. WE now hear much of this stolen loot has found its way to MUSLIM ACCOUNTS abroad. Are you not curious why OBAMA could not bring himself to stand up for the Freedom Protesters in IRAN until it was too late? Can't cross another Ayatollah you understand. Now those people are being savagely tortured "without mercy" instructs Khomeini while OBAMA sucks his thumb for eight long days after others such as Brown and Sarkozy came out screaming against this travesty. Not only the metals but Trillions of Dollars moving in and out to MUSLIM's from America. The "in" portion of this has been blocked since WE described last weekends activity in this regard.
OBAMA says he won't go, he will declare Martial Law first. He says our funds are his, he says all deposits of the people of the UNITED STATES belong to him. One source quotes him as saying "I am KING, I am GOD". WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!
On Thursday the OBAMA/MERKLE meetings were not as sold publicly, she was here to participate in OBAMAS plans to obtain TRILLIONS which he was to share with her to save a desparate Deutsche Bank, a key component of their worldwide Fradulent Financial Playpen. (Tough luck Madamn, get in line with the Generals and JAG).  
Today confirmation of the BRIBERY of JAG is coming in from around the world including from Bankers in Holland and Switzerland who describe OBAMA's promises to them as enormous for JAG to throw in with the Generals and block deliveries permanently and to stop their arrest and prosecution of the Generals.
OBAMA has not been sucessful in bringing the money in to pay these bribes and to save the banks as he promiss' all of them everyday. Thursday after the Markets closed a news blurp said the Banks had gone to the Fed Discount Window for 50B that very day throwing the talking heads into a tizzy. It lasted about 30 minutes, no further mention Thursday night or Friday. The Banks are BANKRUPT. They are sitting on hundreds of Trillions of garbage "assets" (derivatives, etc.) and can't account for it under Basel III as it proves publicly they are upside down with no hope of recovery. They are living off deposits and are without operating capital and still they refuse, like OBAMA, to allow the "new". Like OBAMA and everyone else associated with the CORPORATION, TREASURY and the FED they are playing "Lets Pretend". Lets pretend, for the Bank Stress Test, that employment will not exceed 8% (now acknowledged as 10% but actually 16%). Lets pretend the missing nine Trillion, according to the FED'S own Inspector General, does not exist. Lets pretend we will never have to reserve for the hundreds of Trillions in off balance sheet assets under Basel III and we can hide it from the public forever. Lets pretend that tens of Billions of the Stimulus funds didn't find their way into the Bankers personal accounts and just refuse to disclose these distributions forever and ignore all the FOI demands. Lets pretend we were not aware OBAMA was born in KENYA. Lets pretend 95% of Americans will get a tax cut while taxing them in every conceivable way then tax them some more for the U.N... Lets pretend and promise the corrupt Military that we will eventually be able to steal the program funds.
WE hear the man is insufferable, far worse than BUSH ever dreamed of being. That he actually believes he is an Ayatollah, King or God. That he is the ruler of the world not just the U.S.. These words flow from his own mouth and are quoted to us over and over again over a period of many months just as WE have reported a dozen times before.
WE hear the deal with JAG includes "no prosecution of the Generals" who's guilt can't be questioned as all of it was tape recorded.
As WE have explained time and time again its all about protecting the status quo, the corrupt Banks and their Fradulent Financial Playpen. All of D.C. is in on it as the alternative is exposure and perhaps hanging. ACORN is in the White House, the Freedom Protesters have been clubbed and shot into submission while the leader of the free world remained silent, the North Korean Missile ship goes on its merry way while our Community Organizer sucks his thumb and decide's how to try again to steal OPIUM (other peoples money).
Now that the Military and the legal watchdog of the Military known as JAG (Judge Advocate General) have thrown in with OBAMA, GEITHNER and BERNAKE, and the ILLUMINATI they represent, WE don't know what to expect next. This criminal gang is scamming the entire world day in and day out. They are like cut-throat pirates on a ship together saying "we will do anything, anything imaginable" to continue our Criminal Enterprise masquerading as the Government of The United States.
WE, WE THE PEOPLE, are the sons and daughters, the fathers and mothers, the sisters and brothers of the men and women who have taken an oath to the Constitution and placed themselves in harms way to protect us and our way of life. It is essential, it is imperative, that every member of the Armed Forces be appraised of the conduct of their leaders, of JAG and of OBAMA. Write to them, call them, take them to dinner, send an e-mail and explain to them what is happening in D.C. and the PENTAGON, that the world is aware and it is time for each of them to become aware as well. These Military are selling their souls to the same buyers who have long since purchased the POLITICIANS. They are fighting the return to the Constitution. They are trading their oaths their honor and their dignity for vast sums of promised wealth OBAMA can't deliver. They are protecting the CORPORATION and the continuation of Emergency Rule in the United States and are willingly perpetuating the fraud that the UNITED STATES is the United States. These Military leaders know exactly what they are doing. They are choosing to support a Criminal Enterprise rather than the Constitutional Republic and a privately owned fraudulent fiat banking cartel rather than a Sovereign currency and Treasury Department. The shame and disgrace are beyond words.
                     casper    6-27-09