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The following was written and ready to go out last night (Sunday). It was held back because the incoming MUSLIM MONEY discussed below was blocked which was to result in deliveries today. WE therefore saw no reason to "kick the hornets nest" the night before expected deliveries. As you will see from the Monday "Add On" Report, also below, it is necessary now to report yesterdays (Sundays) developments before continuing with today's update.
Because WE don't report all we know believing deliveries are imminent WE sometimes must "catch you up" in order to explain current activities apparently stopping deliveries again.
This "catch up" has to do with the 9 domestic banks being sold, foreclosed or whatever they are calling it, as they are bankrupt and unable handle the "off balance sheet" (assets) and comply with banking laws and Basel III at the same time, except BY ACCOUNTING TRICKERY which is ending now. These banks were to close, be taken over, sold or whatever this weekend but existing management has insisted on continuing the appearance of viability with the help of OBAMA, GEITHNER and BERNAKE. They are out of capital having only depositors deposits to work with. They are DESPERATE for new capital as is the CORPORATE GOVERNMENT. Incoming TRILLIONS were frozen Thursday and again Friday then Saturday the outside capital coming in was, WE hear, "shortstopped" before arriving in the U.S.. With this extremely intense and overwhelmingly important weekend activity as a backdrop, now understand please that the Banks, the Corporate Government, the Treasury and the Fed Res are all working in unison to obtain the capital necessary to continue their Fraudulent Financial Playpen and their Ponzi Banking Schemes rather than allow the "new" to come into the U.S. that being the Global metals backed banking system resulting in the demise of Fractional Banking, the FED, and canceling the Emergency Rule allowing a return to constitutional law. So what's new you ask? The fact that it was ALL coming to a head this weekend, Deliveries, Banks go under, Corporate Got totally and completely out of money, Announcements, etc etc etc.....
OBAMA is the leader of this effort. He is not "working for" BUSH or CLINTON. WE will explain below what  he is doing which poses a brand new question, "Who is he working for"?
Most of the recent attempts to bring in new capital to save the "old system" have originated in Germany which, according to the teachings of STORY, is the stronghold and operational base for the DVD (NAZIS), BUSH, MERKLE, etc.. Those attempted incoming transfers have all been blocked. Today's news says OBAMA has made a deal with the MUSLIM COUNTRIES for TRILLIONS IN NEW CAPITAL TO BE PROVIDED BY THEM. The routing is from their SWISS BANK ACCOUNTS through GERMANY into CHASE BANK which will distribute the funds for OBAMA.
WE were already in receipt of news that the Banks had turned down the opportunity to declare Bankruptcy this weekend and to reopen Monday under new management not married to the Fraudulent Financial Playpen. Existing management said no, they would rather fight to the finish which is obviously a reflection of decisions previously made by OBAMA, GEITHNER and BERNAKE and whoever pulls their strings.
Meanwhile packages, having been returned to Treasury yesterday were again out from there late afternoon yesterday and accompanying orders were said to read "do not return" no matter where the order comes from. This was to result in deliveries this afternoon which kicks off the announcements and the falling dominoes. It is late afternoon Sunday and "it ain't happening". WE don't yet know why or to what extent this is related to the incoming TRILLIONS from Muslim Nations exposed above.
All incoming wire transfers to the old system are supposedly blocked, have been blocked, leaving open how OBAMA and the GENERALS expected the money to come through yesterday or how OBAMA & CHASE expects to get today's attempted transfers through. No doubt Geithner and Bernake and CHASE have devised some scheme. It didn't work out for them Wednesday or Thursday or Friday or Saturday and now WE await news about today's attempt.
All of this, all that you hear each day, is for the purpose of trying to save the old, the Fed Rees and the CORPORATION of which OBAMA is the President and the Congress are Employees. This fight has been underway for a very long time as you well know, eight years of BUSH and CLINTON before that. The Pentagon and all other Departments and Agencies of Government have also been Incorporated.
Until now WE saw no need to mention that OBAMA quoted the QURAN seven times during his recent speech in EGYPT or that much of his financing from the very beginning of his candidacy came from the Muslim world.  What WE are reporting here could be very serious. If Muslim Countries are trying to save OBAMA, the FED RES, the Banks and their Fraudulent Financial Playpen it could be nothing less than a takeover of America by ISLAM.
If you have a different interpretation lets hear it?
Anything more said right now would be pure speculation and if WE did not have the above from more than one source we would consider this to be speculation as well.
Under the circumstances, with National Security possibly at stake, WE think WE would be remiss not to report.
More when possible,
                  Casper   6-21-09  #2
Monday late afternoon.   6-22-09  #2
This mornings update dealing with the Generals "shakedown" attempt has resulted in The World Court taking the packs out of Treasury mid day offering hope for prompt delivery since we are no longer dependent upon Military Generals demanding massive bribes for themselves because "they wanted to go out rich". Does this statement hint that they may soon be gone down the D.C. toilet along with many others? 
STORY says his Parliament is the most corrupt and stinkingest body politic on earth. I beg to disagree, D.C. is the most corrupt on earth and the stench from the Beltway exceeds Whitehall by a wide margin as any high quality stench-o-meter would confirm.
The funds, many Trillions, from the Muslim Countries were blocked leaving OBAMA high and dry again. Calls to these Countries revealed they had no knowledge of OBAMA's play to repay them with funds eventually stolen from Program Participants when he accomplished what he has not been able to accomplish before now, i.e. steal our funds. They were enlightened shall we say in many ways. WE hear they called OBAMA and he continued to claim PERSONAL OWNERSHIP of our funds. "Do you have a contract" they asked? "Did you invest in these programs" they asked? "WHEN"? No matter what they asked he kept repeating that he PERSONALLY owns these funds and went on to say, WE hear, that since the Muslim Countries had promised him this absolutely enormous sum due in Sunday but blocked, that those funds now belong to him also and he intends to get them one way or another. Sound familiar? The Muslim Countries said they will have no further dealings with him. Whether they said this because they desire to have honest dealings with the world or because they were already aware their incoming funds had been blocked WE have no way of knowing. "Then it gets worse" as Heneghan would say.
Today WE are advised that Blood Relatives of OBAMA spent the night trying to break into the accounts of the Muslim Countries who had backed out of their deals with him hours earlier. How do WE know this? Because the attempts were traced back to his relatives computers who believe they are computer experts.
I wonder how much BUSH and CLINTON paid these same GENERALS before their latest "mark" OBAMA showed up?
WE have no way of knowing what OBAMA will do or attempt to do overnight. It is no exaggeration to say, given his desperation to retain himself in power and to save his handlers Fraudulent Financial Playpen, he will do ANYTHING, ANYTHING at all.
                    casper   6-22-09   #1 
p.s. This just in.  OBAMA has tried, today, to trade funds in Treasury belonging to the American people. The "good guys" were expecting it, "laying in wait" so to speak, and blocked the attempt. The funds are now back in Treasury and blocked from further attempts by him.
p.p.s.   Is the President of the US crazy???????????????????
 Has he been thru the Cheney MK Ultra Program????????????? 
His words " This money belongs to Me" are the exact same words Bush used for years.