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This is for those with a need to know.
There was a conference call last night with the Generals and parties overseas in which deliveries and other matters were discussed. The Generals demanded more than 1 T each to let the deliveries go. There were a dozen or so of them in the room.
After incoming funds, this time from Muslim Countries, were stopped again Sunday and this attempted "shakedown" call by the Generals took place and was rejected deliveries were to occur today.
The packs are still in Treasury as of 10 a.m.... 
The Generals were told they are the highest paid people in the Military, the shakedown was rejected, then OBAMA promised each of them an even greater sum if they would stop deliveries permanently once again assuring them he will have the money to pay them later today. The Generals current position is that deliveries will be stopped until they get their bribes.
What do you suppose the enlisted personel will think of their superiors when they learn of this?
This update is for certain parties other than recipients.
A full weekend of activity will be explained to the recipients, hopefully later today.
                   casper   6-22-09  #1