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The military has been "catching it"-the appropriate amount of grief-from around the world for what they did with OBAMA yesterday.
The money didn't arrive, OBAMA couldn't pay.
The packs stayed in Treasury for only a few hours and went back out late afternoon.
Imagine the number of planes and personnel necessary to yank these packages back and forth from around the country everyday since Wednesday.
WE know the number but will skip this and most other detail for now in the interest of "non-interference" with current plans.
Current plans are delivery today for the "trigger packs" at a minimum, possibly all programs. "Do not return" orders went with the packs this time.
The Banks/Governments financial situation is "Horrific and Intense" beyond your wildest imaginings, but, is another subject best left untouched here for the moment.
It's brass knuckles and knives behind the scenes.
OBAMA and the MILITARY are again at each others throats each blaming the other for the leaks yesterday which destroyed their plans and exposed their corruption.
Its "Animal House-Food Fight,...Food Fight".
So, be alert. This should be it----Again.
                    Best Wishes to All,
                         Casper   6-21-09   #1