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I don't want to be here at this keyboard. I had no expectation of being here again.
After OBAMA had the packs pulled back Wednesday night and Thursday night and things went before the Court Friday morning the Military once again picked up the "trigger" packs from Treasury. They were positioned last night for delivery today. The IMF countries were promised access Monday.
Until mid day all was great, no problems we heard, deliveries this afternoon as anticipated.
Then WE learned of a meeting underway with OBAMA and the Generals. WE heard he was promising them a vast sum of money later in the day, an increase in Military payrolls and lord knows what else not to deliver the trigger packs which were coming by Military delivery. Never mind that incoming funds had been blocked and returned Thursday and again Friday, he has the money coming and they will be rewarded. When the meeting ended they put out the word that deliveries had been released during or after the meeting and would still arrive today. For a couple of hours all was well. Then WE learned from those who, like us, have been betrayed by their leaders that everything coming out of the meeting was lies, that they (the Military) had ordered the packs back to D.C. after making a deal with OBAMA. The packs then arrived back in Treasury mid afternoon which means they had to have been ordered back even before the mid day meeting began. As always there were those who believed this only applied to certain packs WE designate as the trigger packs and the rest were still enroute to us, "the trucks are rolling". As always WE said trigger packs back and the rest will be stopped even if they don't know it yet. And so it is.
WE dont know yet whether the funds he promised came in or whether he was lying to the Generals. If they came in WE don't know yet whether they were blocked and returned. The greater issue in our judgment is the willingness of the Military to sell out the country and the Constitution if OBAMA could come with the bribes. WE constantly hear of bribes and attempted bribes, last week it was 300M to each of several individuals.
Those who were to deliver the trigger packs when they were in place this morning were sent home so WE anticipate no movement tomorrow. Of course the IMF countries and all who follow us will soon learn what happened today if they don't know already. The banks are collapsing and OBAMA can't make payrolls without new funds. WE hear rumors social security would bounce without new funds. What he will do without new funds is create them from air, pay the bills and allow banks to collapse rather than comply with Basel III (opinion) or they will be sold. Actually he doesn't even need the banks for this as he can "run the presses" to make Government payrolls and the public will be none the wiser until milk and gas cost $10./Gal..This means preservation of the Fed Res with kill power as discussed in his speech Tuesday and a continuation of the Ponzi scheme known as fractional banking, something he didn't invent but without which he can't continue the Fraudulent Financial Playpen. All this to preserve himself in power at any cost. WE hear he threatened the recipients with public blame for everything, banks collapse, market crash, Govt collapse, etc etc etc if the Military made the deliveries. Of course everyone involved knows
he and BUSH and CLINTON are responsible for everything, everyone that is except THE GENERAL PUBLIC onto which he threatened, WE hear, to unleash his golden tongue.
As you know Casper has always been a defender of the Military and has a son who is a Marine. Many members of the Casper team are Military. Never have I/they felt such shame at the lack of Military Leadership, such betrayal by the very very top Military Brass. They are just another group of Politicians, bought and sold regularly for 20 pieces of silver. They have betrayed every man and woman in uniform who has swore allegiance to the documents these traitors treat as bargaining Wampum. The Corporations and Special Interest are the "Johns", they pay the "Pimps" on K STREET who shovel the money to the WHORES in Congress and the Pentagon. The biggest John of all is the CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES which has a direct payola pipeline to the PENTAGON and needs no K Street intermediary. And us, the people? We are the sheep who are sheared regularly to keep the corrupt fat cats in Whisky, Blonds and Cigars. Would it have mattered had it been McCain and  Kerry instead of BUSH/OBAMA. Of course not, they are all owned outright by the Money Trust.
Well friends, its back to the bleachers for us, observing and reporting again when possible.
                        casper   6-20-09
p.s. Please be aware that there are ALWAYS those who disagree with what WE write. ALWAYS. WE work hard and report what WE believe to be true otherwise we wouldn't report it. WE are long since past the point of trying to convince anyone of anything. WE report-YOU decide.