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After OBAMA had the General who got the packs out of Treasury yesterday arrested, the situation went to Court this morning. The General was released, Obama lost.
WE anticipate deliveries tomorrow and announcements tomorrow night.
As this once again may be my last update I'm going to allow myself the privilege of telling you one last time that OBAMA is no friend of recipients and no friend of America.
Please read the article posted on Fourwinds entitled "Obama Regulatory Reform" and when finished try to understand that this is what he is doing to all areas of our Country simultaneously. It is straight out of the "Progressive's" early 20th century playbook for taking over our country at that time.
One of their leaders was Woodrow Wilson who turned over the monetary system of our country to the Federal Reserve.
It is straight out of the playbook of the Chicago Radical Extremist from whence he comes.
It is Communist thinking and a reflection of his schooling in Malaysia/Indonesia and at Occidental and Colombia.
This man is extremely dangerous and unless stopped will destroy everything that made America great.  "
Change" is one thing. Fixing a broken financial system, a broken culture and a broken health care system is one thing.
Using these things as an excuse to remake America into a Country with neither a Republican OR a Democratic form of Government is another.
Unless you wake up and understand what he is doing our country will forever be lost to his Illuminati, Socialist, New World Order, Communist, Big Brother Nanny State where the color of your toilet paper will be dictated by the people he represents.
He is attempting to ram through his vision of Government while he controls the Congress.
There is no room in his vision for the Constitution, free market capitalism or American values.
He sees himself as a "Renaissance Man", a man of the world employed by the World to CHANGE America to a collectivist mentality/State. Read about the experience of the original settlers and what happened to them when they employed Obama's view of Government to their endeavors.
Obama intends to use ACORN/AMERICORP etc etc to create a LIBERAL ELITIST RULED DICTATORSHIP in America in every way except name. His base wants Socialism, redistribution and a nanny state and they intend to have it much quicker than you think.
Unless you WAKE UP NOW by the time you do it will be over with and you/we will be like the people of NAZI GERMANY spending the rest of your lives wondering how it happened and attempting to explain to your grandchildren how the children of The Greatest Generation could have allowed such a thing to happen.
Perhaps the announcements will save us from ourselves. Thats what WE expect.
But if not it will be necessary for you to save yourselves from what can be summarized in a single word-   EVIL.
                   casper   6-19-09  #2