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Twice since last WE wrote the packs have been out for delivery.
Twice OBAMA has stopped them, Wednesday night while we slept and again last night after once again leaving Treasury.
They are back in Treasury this morning and OBAMA has arrested those responsible for getting them out yesterday.
The huge turmoil going on around the clock up there continues.
The Govt is out of money, Obama B. S.'s someone (country/central bank/etc./unknown) to give him money, the money is blocked, back to square one with him insisting he will get our funds one way or another.
The man is a Gangster, plain and simple.
Financial pressures supposedly had him boxed in with no choice but to release deliveries so as to obtain tax receipts and other funds related to the "new". The whole system is on the verge of systemic collapse WE hear including the banks and Govt payrolls. Still he will not relent. Reading between the lines, which is not that difficult we think, OBAMA/BUSH and CLINTON continue to sabotage everything using every method possible including Presidential Emergency Powers. OBAMA has a "God Complex".
He will do anything, anything at all, even crashing the world, to not lose CONTROL without which he can not continue to implement his plans for the swift changeover of America from free market capitalism to Socialism/Communism/Fascism which you see unfolding daily on the tube. To do this he/they need a continuation of their corrupt financial playpen he is struggling to protect.
They can't afford the exposure of who got the funds made from thin air and distributed to the banks at taxpayer expense, or so many other things WE have referenced before.  Every time deliveries are stopped, without exception, it is OBAMA who does it.
At this time deliveries are long overdue delaying the falling of dominoes and screwing up all plans and schedules. The WAR continues. WE are observers and reporters not principals. WE don't know everything.
The funds which came in yesterday to bail OBAMA's chestnuts out of the fire at the last minute were frozen and "returned to sender" therefore his self created financial trap continues.
WE will do some more observing and then do some more reporting.
                     casper   6-19-09  #1